Juwan! What''s That?

Juwan! What's That?
Airdate: March 25, 2007

Sorisa held up Kademu's old straw mask and Moriya makes fun of his fallen comrade and then hit on the back by Mele. Moriya says he is not a fool. Jan smelled something strange and it was a strange picture dealer named Pierre Fujishiro, who is at SCRTC to see Fukami-sensei.
He mentions Kandou and Jan says he knows that word--it is his surname. Pierre says that is a pun. Jan doesn't get it. Ran takes Pierre upstairs. Retsu was an artist before he joined SCRTC. Pieree came to obtain an artpiece from Retsu, yet to be finished. Retsu refuses to give it to him.
Jan gets a Zowa-Zowa feeling and Retsu excuses himself from Pierre. Moriya is standing on a building, getting power from people's screams. The Gekiranger arrive and transform and fight Moriya on the ground. But he considers the wall 'his world. '
Jan flies up on the wall and falls down. Moriya explains his rinki lets him stick to walls. Jan considers him unfair. Moriya teases them. Moriya says that no one can cmapre to his wonderful technique. Retsu feels this is a threat to his pride.
Ran and Retsu tell Retsu to knock him down but Retsu won't have it. He has to win fighting his way. Moriya swipes Retsu down. Moriya retreats. Back at SCRTC, Miki explans that fighting isn't enough for Retsu. ShaFu offers window washing as training to his students. Retsu takes the challenge.
With style and harmony, he walks on the wall gracefully. Jan aks, "Isn't winning important in a fight?" Ran explains Retsu looks for something higher. Pierre arrives and faints at the sight of any harm coming to this wonderful talent.
Sorisa comes into Moriya's chamber to tell him that Mele is angry that he backed out of the fight. She teases him. Moriya explains he is toying with Retsu because he said something brashly. Rio arrives and the two bow. Rio thinks about GekiBlue. He says, "His little brother?" He tells Moriya to kill him, that he might have the same talent of his brother.
Pierre wakes up and is happy Retsu is fine. Retsu still won't give him the painting, because somehting is missing to it. Pierre offers him money. Retsu denies him again, so Pierre leaves in a huff. Retsu explains that Kandou is his passion, his harmony. In a flashback, at Retsu's art show, he asked ShaFu to study GekiJyuKen. ShaFu was making sure he didn't want revenge for his late brother.
Retsu said how his older brother was a 'lone wolf. ' He also knew he loved GekiJyuKen and gave him passion. He wanted it as well. Master ShaFu agreed and accept him. Retsu then gracefully pefroms gymnastics on a structure to reach the top. He considers himself ready to face Moriya.
Moriya awaits Retsu. Jan and Ran arrive. Retsu appears behind him. He considers it an insult that he 'invaded his world. ' Retsu gets the best of Moriya. He performs a GekiWaza that looks like multiple GekiBlues attacking Moriya.
Even Mele, who is watching, is impressed with GekiBlue's moves. She then quickly wakes herself up that her heart only belongs to Rio. Turns out Moriya is just all talk. Retsu runs toward Moriya from the top of the building an dslams him into a ground.
Moriya tries throwing his stars at Retsu but he blocks them off with his GekiTonfa. Moriya grows huge, but he keeps avoiding GekiTouja's attacks. They call him a coward.
He strangles GekiTouja and to their surprised, he detached his arm. His secret ringi is Rapid-Growth Arm. The Gekiranger destroy him using their spin attack, Retsu makes it look like a pink blooming flower. Bae is impressed.
Mele wonders which of the other Venom Fists have the hidden Madoku. She considers Moriya's defeat shameful. Retsu finally finishes his painting with a pretty flower. It made Pierre happier than words could discribe.

  • It is clear they didn't cast Retsu's brother yet at this point. His silhouette looks more like Retsu than Gou, who is introduced in Episode 23.