Uja-Uja! What Should I Do?
Airdate: March 18, 2007

GekiRed faces off against the Five Venom Fists and Rio. Rio uses his Black Lion aginst him. He de-transforms into Jan and the other Five Venom Fists (in their Rinrinshi forms) have their licks on him. Then Kademu comes around and beats him up.
Jan wakes up in a cold sweat. The next day, Jan says he feels Uja-Uja. Miki explains to him that what he might feeling is anxiety and it might be the first time he feels this.
ShaFu tells him to do what Ran is doing. She is training, she has such fast fists, that she captures falling leaves. Jan wants to do it too, he fails. He gets a Zowa-Zowa feeling. Kademu attacks a truck with his fast fists and makes it explodes.
The Gekiranger come in transform. Mele arrives. Jan recognizes Kademu. Jan remembers Jan from his nightmare, how he beat him up.
The dream comes true. Kademu tells him he has too many openings. He is about to hit Jan again but Retsu fives in and gets poisoned. Mele explains it is a terrible pain venom.
Retsu de-transforms. Jan tends to him as Ran fights Kademu. They enter the factory. Mele suggests a duel to see who has the fastest fists. Jan encourages her and she agrees.
They punch the wall endlessly. Ran comes out with 999 and Kademu wins with 1000. Kademu brings the wall down. Kademu teases Ran. Mele tells Kademu to kill Ran. They combat again.
Wind blows on Kademu's mask and he holds it back and Ran finds an opening. Sje knocks off a piece of his mask, he gets mad and retreats. Mele wonders what Kademu is hiding behind the mask, she leaves too. Jan feels more upset. At the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo, Rio tells Mele that the Kenma are not talking to him and he needs the Madoku to revive them. He doesn't which of the five have the Madoku. You can kill the holder but he still won't tell. Mele swears to find who has it.
Retsu is in the hospital wing. ShaFu tells Jan the poison is troublesome. Jan runs on the treadmill and is still anxious. Miki suggests following ShaFu's advice, to watch Ran. He goes to Ran, who is capturing leaves. Day breaks and Jan asks if she ever feel anxious.
Ran says she does but training helps calm her. They notice a hasty early blooming Cherry Blossom. This reminds Ran of when she wanted to quit GekiJyuKen. She wasn't confident. ShaFu told her if she trained, she would stronger and faster. That she need to believe. To put her heart into it. So she did, continued and continued praticing. Ran captures a bunch of Cherry Blossoms.
Kademu waits for Ran at the beach for their last match. He is suprised when she arrives. She transforms and they square off. Jan arrives. Ran and Kademu did their thousand fists thing and Ran wins.
Retsu arrives with the block. He asks Kademu to flip it. That he just hit to make the count. Ran imagined the opponent as she striked. That when his fists missed, her continuous ones are actually accurate. Kademu is ashamed. Jan applauds Ran. Ran explains that she beleived. Kademu and Ran fights. She finishes him off with her GekiTonfa long baton. She pushes it all the way down to her and swings him over her.
He takes off his mask and grows big. He says that whoever sees his face must die. The others transform and form GekiTouja. They go down with fists. Kademu reveals his hidden Rinki and unravels his centipede head and strikes GekiTouja.
GekiTouja does its spinning attack and finishes the monster off. Mele is sure Kademu wasn't the user of the Madoku and leaves. Jan says his anxiety is gone and he feels refreshed. That he will no longer be afraid of it. ShaFu tells Ran she has matured. Janand Retsu pracitce along with Ran.

  • Madoku (True Poison) is introduced in this episode. Rio needs it to revive the Three Fist Demons. It won't be found and used until Episode 9.
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