Zowa-Zowa! The Five Venom-Ken
Airdate: March 11, 2007

On the mountain ridge where the Confrontation Beast Hall is at the top, there is a smaller building on one of the spirals. Inside, Mele walks down the halls and looks into each room. The Five Venom Fists have mastered special venoms. Kademu, the Confrontation Beast Centipede-Fist, can deliver a hundred hits at once.
Braco, the Confrontation Beast Cobra-Fist slices candles in front of him. He is known as the One-Hit-Kill Sniping Master. Sorisa, the Confrontation Scorpion-Fist is a terrifying dancer, she smashes a piece of the floor with her feet. She delivers sweet death with a blow.
Moriya, the Confrontation Gecko-Fist user jumps on the walls and then appears in front of Mele. He is considered an trickster. Maga, Confrontaiton Toad-Fist user is slow-witted but has a impregnable defense. He juggles oranges, they bounce off his chest and throws them and they blow up. The five march out with Mele.
Retsu is not good at skating, Master Shafu is. Kaleido Spiral Jump is what they must train for. Jan almost bumps into a lady and she jumps into the air using the jump technique. She is Jun, a queen figure skater. ShaFu asks to shake her hand. She thinks he is a mascot. Jan races off. Miki tells ShaFu she needs him to come back.
Rio dreams again of the past. Mele gives him a cup of water and he smashes it. He is upset at his two loses. Maga wants to go in, Sorisa almost strikes him. Moriysa says he is jealous of Sorisa. Braco tells them to shut up. Mele tells Rio that the mark has already been made. Miki thinks it is a war declaration. ShaFu tells her it is the Venom Fists. Miki fears the Gekiranger will be no match for them.
Jun tells Retsu and Ran not to give up. She envys the daredevil that is Jan. He falls. Jan gets his 'zowazowa' feeling and the others thank her and leave. Braco is on top of the building with the seal. Gekiranger arrive, already transformed. The other two fists come in.
The five become their Beastman forms and introduce themselves. Moriya, Sorisa, Braco, Maga, and Kademu. They head towards the Gekiranger and fight. Miki and ShaFu watch from headquarters. Downstairs in the streets, Kademu does his hundred fists attack on Retsu.
Sorisa and Ran combat. Sorisa kicks Ran with her Ringi. Moriya jumps on to above onaceiling and above Jan. He bombards him. Jan falls on boxes.
He ends up inside the building. Maga jumps in and Jan tries punching his chest but it is no use. Maga then bumps him with his chest. Maga slashes Jan, knocking him out. The three Gekiranger are athered, all beaten up. The four other fists agather around Braco. Braco is about to slash at the Gekiranger with his Ringi Ouja Zan....
Until Master ShaFu sweeps in and takes the Gekiranger in a spin. They end up in a forest, the Gekiranger out of armor. There in the forest, they encounter Mele, who tries slashing ShaFu. Lightning and thunder strikes and the five Venom Fists in their Rinrinshi forms jump in.
A black explosion occurs and Rio spins in and lays on the Five Venom Fists. Rio says that dream told him he would fight him. Rio mentions he used to be ShaFu's pupil. Ran and Retsu explains Rio was a traitor. Rio jumps and takes off his shall. ShaFu tells them the trio to back down. Retsu reminds him of his oath. Their auras clash and the sky becomes dark.
Rio dons his armor. Black Lion. He throws a ball of fire at ShaFu. They fight. Rio punches ShaFu. ShaFu jumps on a bamboo tree and leaps from it. Rio takes out his fist again but ShaFu stands on it. Rio takes him off. ShaFu rolls and stands and continues dodging Rio's punches. Jan watches intently.
Rio knocks ShaFu down and prepares to attack him with RinLion, when Jan transforms as he runs to block the attack and combats the lion with his tiger. The day returns and Jan, out of armor. Jan wants to fight him. Mele is not for Jan fighting Rio. Rio realizes his real rival is Jan. Moriya then poisons Jan.
The Five Venom Fists suddenly become giant and hold the antidote hostage for the Gekiranger to obtain it in a match. The Gekiranger form GekiTouja and combat Braco and Kademu first. GekiTouja is tired and ends up with its back on a mountain.
The poison is getting closer to Jan. Moriya comes up avode them and pins them down with his sais. GekiTouja is left at the mercy of Sorisa and Maga. They fall and end up in the center of a circle of the five.
They think back to Jun and never giving up. They stand up and jump in the air doing their figure-skating-like Great Spin-Spin Leg attack on all five. They spin in the air and an explosion occurs. They get the antidote and injects in themselves. The trio become human again but are exhausted.
The Five march towards the trio but Rio tells them to fall back. Rio asks ShaFu if his pupils will continue fighting. ShaFu gives him a saying. Rio and Mele retreat. The trio reunite with their master. Lighting strikes and the RInJyuDen symbol appears in the sky. The four take it seriously.

  • The big battle sequence was not used for "Power Rangers Jungle Fury. " This episode and the next were merged for "A Taste of Poison. "
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