Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power

Shio-Shio! Cleaning Power
Airdate: March 04, 2007

A Rinshi goes into a small building known as the RinJyuDen Chamber of Trial, only to be another goner. Mele is frustrated, she calls for another. The third one goes in. Rio arrives, much to Mele's delight. He explains how it works. Those without power, are not allowed.
A Rinshi can not become a Rinrinshi without going in there. One successfully passes, also to Mele's delight. His name is Gyuuya, practicer of Rinjyu Buffalo-Fist. He takes off the headband and a Buffalo symbol appears on his forehead.
At the SCRTC building, Retsu and Ran train. Jan comes in and tries RoboTough but it beats him up. ShaFu comes in and tells Jan he has a special training for him. He does dust cloth mopping in the big gym room. He aks ShaFu if it is more cleaning than training. ShaFu explains you have to have cleaning power. Retsu and Ran are above in the small weight room.
Jan gets senses an attack and they run off. Gyuya and the Rinshi are scaring people off the city. The three arive and transform. They fight the Rinshi with their GekiBeast aura attacks. Gyuya then transforms into his beastman form. He then rams into Jan, ramming him through columns.
Then to a car, breaking the rear window. He then kicks him into another column. The others come to his aid. Retsu comes along with his GekiTonfa, avoids him and then gets a hit in. Ran punches him a bunch. Gyuya turns back into his Rinrinshi form and burrows away.
Jan still wants to fight more but the others pull him away. RoboTough is set to imitate Gyuya, still beats Jan up. He doesn't get how come he can't be like the others. He asks ShaFu help. ShaFu gives him the cleaning cloth once again. Jan bats it away to the floor.
Ran tries to grab it and notices it is heavy. She doesn't understand. ShaFu grabs Jan and they leave. Outside of the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo, Mele expects Gyuya to win. She applies lipstick as she looks at her tiny mirror. Gyuya leaves.
Gyuya is in his beastman form again and attacks the city. Ran and Retsu leave. Jan keeps training but breaks the dust cloth. ShaFu sends Jan to get a new one. Jan has enough of training. He drops out the weights from the cloth. Jan remembers back to his loosing to Gyuya. Miki asks Jan what is the catchphrase ShaFu gave him. Jan says 'Unbreakable Body. '
"That right. You are not Honest Heart or Fantastic Technique. "Miki tells him with ShaFu's training, there is no loosing. Miki brings out a new cloth and places new heavier weights into it. Jan has new determination. Jan runs to the training room where ShaFu is. Jan take the cloth and dips it in water and wringes it out. He places it on the floor and races around the floor with the cloth.
Imagining Gyuya. He forms a triangle. He then bumps into a bunch of basketballs. ShaFu tells him to go fight. The floor shine. Meanwhile at the battle feild, the Rinshi pin down Ran and Gyuya rams into her, tossing all of them into the air.
Rinshi then pin down Retsu and Gyuya rams into him. he then tosses Retsu to the other side. Jan arrives and transforms. Gyuya races toward Jan. Jan takes out his cloth and drops out the weights.
Jan becomes full of red fire and rams Gyuya down. He then wringes his horns with his hands. Jan then pushes Gyuya down the floor towards chemicals in an alley. He tosses him into it and it explodes.
Gyuya comes out and transforms into a giant. The Gekiranger form GekiTouja and fight him. Bae comes out to narrate. GekiTouja and Gyuya make their battle stances. Then then race against each other and fight. GekiTouja takes off his cape and uses it as a bull fighter cape.
Gyuya then bashes into a building. It races around the buildings, avoiding GekiTouja and confusing them. It then does a sneak attack from the back. GekiTouja falls. Jan thinks back to his cloth teachings. They get up and try fighting him again but he tosses them into the air. GekiTouja then does their Great Gan Gan Leg corkscrew attack and finish him off.
Meanwhile at the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo, Rio gets a visit from five Rinrinshi, his next trump card. Jan and Miki laugh at footage of Ran and Retsu going through the cleaning power training.