Waki-Waki! Juken Combination
Airdate: February 25, 2007

ShaFu used passive-agressive techniques against Makirika and elbowed him far away. Master ShaFu explained that he used the Gekiwaza 'Double Double Clone Fist' technique. They want him to teach them. He tells them that they can't do it.
It de-evolved Makirika back to his Rinrinshi form. Mele threatens him, tell him he is a loser. He offers to kill ShaFu and has a plan with the dam. She licks his face and she tells him he tastes like he has conviction. Miki reprimands ShaFu, telling him to remember the Jyuken Oath he took never to fight again and that fighting is not his fate. He tells her that was not fighting. Retsu mentions Rio, Jan asks who he is.
Miki explains Rio is the head of the Akugata and that he revives Rinjyu fighters who died and uses them as servants--the Rinshi. Rio raises more from the ground. He tells them to become stronger. Retsu pleads ShaFu to make a double like he did, he says he can control his GekiBeast now. ShaFu tells him it is too soon for them three. Retsu is not happy with three, Jan is an outsider and says Ran has heart but...
Ran and Jan fight with him. ShaFu agrees to them to teach them the way but first they must teach Jan. Retsu is not happy. ShaFu won't change his mind. Mele uses a Mugen Reppa ringi to give powers to his cells and blood. He becomes his beast-man once again.
Jan practices with RoboTough but says its boring. Retsu then picks up the Geki Nunchucks. Jan wants to do them. Retsu tells him that is impossible to use it as a beginner. Jan tries to grab them but falls on RoboTough, increasing its power. It falls on him. When the others try to help him, he grabs the nunchucks. Retsu doesn't get why he must teach him. Miki appears.
Miki invites Retsu to lunch. He says all he is good for is being strong and that nothing works. She asks him if he is admitting defeat. She asks him what is it important. Ran has heart, Retsu has technique... Miki tells Retsu you start by having him like it. Retsu goes outside where Jan and Ran are. Retsu shows off his skills and tells Jan to try it. Jan is happy that he did it. They try to understand his language. Jan asks them if they like GekiJyuKen. They smile with him. ShaFu is playing with a tree and sees them.
Makirika attacks the dam and water rolls out. ShaFu and Jan sense it. The trio runs off. They reach the city and see water roll down the street. People run for cover. They leap over the damage and then pn to a rooftop.
On the rooftop, they see Makirika is huge and attacking buildings. Mele comes in with Rinshi and she introduces herself. The trio transform.
GekiBlue uses his GekiTonfa against the Rinshi. So does GekiYellow, in Long Baton mode.
Jan masters the Geki Nunchucks and amazes Retsu. Makririka slashes at Jan and boulders fall on Jan. Jan is fine. Retsu laments wishes he could do the big double thing.
ShaFu comunicates through the GekiChanger, telling them they must work as a triangle. The true meaning of Geki Jyuken is the triangle ShinGiTai. The three Gekiranger work together and make their GekiBeasts, they climb inside and share a cockpit area.
GekiTouja is successfully formed. Gattai means robot combinations. ShaFu is proud of them and rings his triangle. They sqaure off against Makririka through the flood.
Mele feels a rumbling in her stomach, becomes her beast-man form and spits a fly out. His name is Bae and he loves big robo battles. He does commentary of the battle. GekiTouja flips and jumps on a building. Makririka gets his hands stuck in a building and GekiTouja kicks him from underneath.
Every move the Gekiranger do, GekiTouja does. They call for their three-section staff called GekiSetsukon. They then perform their Dai Gan Gan Ken (Great Firm-Firm Fist) spinning attack.
Maririka turns to stone, breaks off and explodes. Mele swallows Bae and disappears. Meanwhile, Rio contemplates in his dojo. Their teamwork is then overshadowed by their constant bickering but this is no worry to Master ShaFu.

  • Some of Bae's backstory is not revealed until Episode 27.
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