Niki-Niki! Geki Juken
Airdate: February 18, 2007

In the wilderness, a jungle boy plays with pandas when he senses somehting. He gets to higher ground and sees a plane crash. He decides to check it out. Miki has an important suitcase in her possession and is under attack by Rinshi, undead henchmen. She calls upon Gekijyu Leopard Fist and fights them.
The Rinshi disappear, back to their eternal rest. The boy jumps in and introduces himself as Jan. Miki asks him questions but he wants to know what she did. Just then they are attacked by a Rinrinshi. His name is Makirika, a Rinjyu Mantis Fist user. He and Miki fight. She anguishes from her wound she got from the crash. Three bracelets fall out of her suitcase and Jan gets them.
Makirika swipes at Jan. Jan then blasts her with a tiger growl. Makirika then chops trees on top of Jan and escapes with the bracelets. Long ago, a boy is standing in the rain around a host of dead bodies. It is Rio, re-living it. He is the leader of the Confrontation Beast Hall.
Mele attacks him but he easily swipes it away, criticizing her skills. She rather conquear his heart. She calls Makirika and he gives Rio the Fist Demon Bracelets. They speak to him and ask him what he seeks.
Rio seeks power. They tell him to collect fear, despair to collect strength for the Rin Jyu Ken. He show shis path is clear. His RinLion shines. Jan wakes up in a strange bed. It is in SCRTC, a sports company where Miki is charge of and walks through. She is talking on the phone with Master Shafu.
An eclipse is coming and they need to destroy the bracelets. She mentions that the trees fell on Jan and his bones did not crush. Jan wonders around the building . He spots two Gekiranger practice fighting. They form GekiBeast auras and they fight each other. He is so impressed, that he falls through the glass.
The Gekiranger de-transform and wonder if he is an invader. He asks them what is it that they were doing. Master ShaFu comes in, the two salute him but are insulted when Jan treats him like a cat. ShaFu is enamored. Later they are in the base of operations. Jan eats like a savage. Miki explains he was raised by tigers. Jan asks what JyuKen is, Miki explains it is a form of kenpou. ANd that Geki is energy used to power it.
That Shafu is Ran and Retsu's master. Jan hears the word 'battle. ' He asks if they ask pandas, hippos, or anteaters. ShaFu explains the Akugata, who practice RinJyuKen is their enemy. Rio prepares his soldiers. ShaFu gets a feeling and Jan senses it as well. ShaFu is sure the Akugata will strike. Retsu and Ran are ready to fight. Ran asks Retsu if he is scared, he denies it.
ShaFu asks Jan if he wants to fight with them. The others are surprised. ShaFu gives Jan the GekiChangers, Miki explains what they are. The others protest, that he doesn't know Kenpou. ShaFu explains that without a heart of justice, Geki can not be created. Jan doesn't get it but is ready. ShaFu gives him clothes. They run off.
The Rinshi attack the city. Some dive into cars and they explode. Makirika feels the cries filling his body with power. Makririka transforms into his Beastman form. He slices a bridge in half. The trio arrives. Retsu wonders what they will do with Jan.
Ran and Retsu shout "Beast On" and transform. They introduce themselves as GekiYellow and GekiBlue. They fight the Rinshi. GekiYellow performs her Geki Jyu Cheetah Ken Geki Waza Shun Shun Den on the Rinshi. Her cheetah mashes through the Rinshi, destroying them.
GekiBlue uses his Geki Jyu Jaguar Ken Geki Waza Ten Ten Dan on the Rinshi, the Jaguar spins around a circle knocking down the Rinshi. Jan is all revved up and tries to transforms but nothing happens. He then sees another attack and runs to it.
He arrives to the scene and sees a little girl crying in between of a bunch of cars. He tells her not to cry because he will cry. A car is attacked and it flies up in the air and hits another. Jan runs and avoids it and falls to the ground. Makririka gets to the girl and plans to make her suffer, then gain power from it. He slashes at Jan. He grabs the girl and strokes her face. This makes Jan angry, he yells and the yell vibrates. Maririka drops the girl.
Retsu and Ran witnesses this. Jan transforms and vibrates in a red aura. He punches Makririka and knocks him up in the air into a building. He falls behind it. Retsu and Ran are amazed. From the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo, Rio senses this power. He recognizes it as a tiger. He wonders if it could be someone he knows.
Maririka rises form the wreckage and fights Jan. Jan them calls his GekiTiger and it grabs the monster with its mouth. It then it lets him go, knocking him into a building. Maririka finds it an insult, so he grows giant. He attacks the Gekiranger a bit and is about to make his final strike when ShaFu grabs him. He has made a big aura of himself. Jan wonders if ShaFu will be okay.

  • The three trees woven together seen in the beginning of the episode becomes very significant in later episodes.
  • Master ShaFu made an oath not to fight, we learn this in next episode.
  • Rio wonders if the Tiger feeling is someone. In a future episode, he mentions a white tiger Byakko.
  • Rio's flashback appears in future episodes.
  • The two soldier statues behind Rio in the hall become significant later in the series.
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