Longing of the Showbiz World

Longing of the Showbiz World
Airdate: November 12, 2006

A detective receives a phonbe call and agrees to go soemwhere. He loads his gun and puts on his coat. The director yells cut and it is a wrap on the set and the actor Tanbara leaves. His manager tells the trainee (Sakura) that if the timing of delivering him his tea isn't good, he will be in a bad mood. He asks her if she wants to be in the entertainment industry, she says yes... 'for now. ' The time is ticking as he enters the waiting room, she has two seconds to hand him his tea. She does but to the wrong side.
She protests that it doesn't matter which side. He gets upset at her, his manager pulls her aside and tells her that if he says black is white, then it is white. She apologizes to both of them. Tanbara smacks her on the head. She berudges Souta in her mind. In a flashback, Akashi tells everyone Tanbara got a ring containing a Precious in India for 5 million yen. Every 100 years the Stone of Prosperity releases an explosion of dark energy, which can destroy everything in its path in a radius of several kilometers.
Mr. Voice says this will happen in 3 days and they want to switch the real one with a replica secretly, to place it in a special liquid that prevents the explosion. Unfortunatley to do so, they have to put up with the actor to switch the ring. So Shouta alreayd has an ideal candidate for the mission, saying Sakura is close to Tanbara's tastes.
In present time, the actor puts the ring on. Sakura checks that she only has 3 hours and 38 minutes to switch the real ring for the fake one. Elsewhere, Eiji bites into his Daikon and then spots the Jaryuu around a truck below the bridge near the TV station.
The Manager gives Sakura a list of appropriate reactions to respond to his puns. She must learn all 1054 of them in three hours to please him. The manager lives him. She becomes determined since it is her mission. Silver destroys three Ryuujinhei but there are still more. Ryuuwon and two minions manage to open the truck but are attacked by the other Boukenger. They deduce he is after the Stone too because he says he has three hours left. Red fights Ryuuwon and
the others fight the Ryuujinhei. Yellow catches a minion in the truck so she sotps him. She freaks out when she sees the TV mascot Dembey. She tells Black, he tells her to close the doors. The truck starts to leave. Sakura studies the bad puns and reactions when a man enters the room, fighting on his cell phone with a cancelation and get a drink. He spots Sakura and asks her if she can interview Tanbara as an idol reporter.
She thinks about it because it might be her choice. Ted slashes Ryuuwon with his Golden Sword and he retreats. Yellow asks Red why he is quiet, he says something is up because he gave up too easily. Blue suggests going to the staiton in case. Tanbara's manager is upset at Sakura. She is all dolled up as an idol host. She says she studied the manual. He tells her to not forget to smile. Tanbara is already sitting in the set.
Sakura enters the studio and tries to imagine herself as Natsuki to be the host. Action is yelled and she goes by the moinker Horinishi Sakurako. The director calls cut, telling her to loosen up. Tanbara intervenes, telling her to imagine she is in Fukuiken (a vacaiton spot). He makes a pun and she recognizes it as pun number 964. Her uncomfortable smile is appropriate.
They go on air and she runs up around the set, talking about his hot-topic ring. He extends his hand with another pun. She shakes his hand, making him happy. Unfortunately, her exhausted face is shown on screen and she gets acue card telling her to smile. If she focuses too much on the puns, she'll forget to smile. In her black and white monologue, she stresses out, saying this is a difficult mission.
Meanwhile Natsuki stops the boys from running on the bridge to take notice that Dembey wears shoes but the Dembey in the truck was barefoot and had claws. Tanbara is having a good time with Sakura. She asks him if she can put on the ring and he says no. She freaks out inside. It becomes another bad pun and she relived.
In her monologue, she confesses she thought she would die. He lets her have the ring. She switches the rings and put his in her pocket. She shows it off on the screen. Later, she is exhausted. Before she puts the ring in the liquid, she checks if it is a Precious and it is not. She tells Akashi it is fake. Natsuki says they have 10 mins left. He tells her to beware of Dembey because a Jaryuu tribe member is impersonating him.
Sakura runs down the hall to the waiting room. Tanbaratakes out the real ring from a secure box and places it on. He leaves for a live commercial. His manager collapses on the couch. Sakura rushes in asking for the real ring, he tells her what happened. She rushes out and then realizes she knows the secret. She rushes through the halls with only 2 minutes left. Outside the building, Tanbara is preparing to film the live commercial and Dembey arrives. He asks if he can bite on the ring at the end. He says no. The director smacks Dembey. With a minute to go, the commercial gos on air.
Without Tanbara's noticing, Dembey does indeed bites on the ring. The commercial is done and he won't let go. When he does, the ring is gone and Dembey drops the man down. The manager goes to check on Tanbara. Dembey has a device that he will place the ring in to harness its power. Sakura finally arrives and detects the ring is the real thing and there is only 15 seconds left. She rushes past the onlookers, kicks the ring out of Dembey's hands and grabs the ring in the air. She takes out the liquid and
with one second to go, she dips the ring in and the energy bubbles. She says mission complete. She then gives the ring to Tanbara, syaing she cleaned it. Dembey takes off his sash and his eyes become white. Silver and Red blast him and the others arrive. They tell everyone to run. Tanbara makes a pun as he leaves. Sakura says even in a time like this, he makes a pun. So she accepts this spirit as she appericates it. She transforms and kick Dembey down to the ground below. They
all jump down and start fighting him. Yellow says he is too cute to fight. Pink fights him and makes a pun to encourage them. She knocks him down and says even if he is cute, he is still a evil Jaryuu. She does her finisher on him. He says she is not cute and as he falls, he says she will never be a bride like that. She tells him to mind his own business, dosn the Accelltector and finishes him off with her Dual Crasher.
Ryuuwon arrives and shoots Dembey with his gun to make him huge. Morio telsl them that the repairs to DaiBouken have been made. He says Sakura inspiried him. When they enter, Yellow says she feels nostaglic. They drop his weapon down. They slash him down. Ryuuwon sends multiple Ryuuwon against them before they can finish Dembey off because they got in his 100 year chance to harness the power.
Dembey blast fire at them. Before the Ryuurinhei finish DaiBouken off, GoGoVoyager shoots them off. Silver is piloting it, he says he wanted to drive it. DaiBouken climbs on top of Voyager and finsih all the Ryuujinhei off. Dembey is left alone. They perform the Riding Adventure Drive finisher to destroy him.
Back at SGS that night, the others are laughing in front of the laptop as Sakura enters minding her own business. Eiji calls her Sakurako-chan, this stops her in her tracks. She runs to the laptop to find the idol footage and shuts it off, folding the laptop. Shouta explains he is responsible. He uses his clicker and trasmits the video on the
table. She tries to hide her face. They all laugh. She grabs Shouta's pointer and the video goes away. Akashi suggests her debuting in the entertainment world. She stresses she won't, kind of disgusted by the idea. Eiji grabs the pointer and trasmits the video on the three screens. She tries to cover it and screams out, 'Stop it!'

  • Dembey's design was inspired byAbaranger's AbarenOh.
  • None of the footage or props from this episode were used for "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. "