Golden Sword

Golden Sword
Airdate: September 17, 2006

An explosion occurs to open a cave. Ryuuwon walks in and finds the Lemurian Egg, which he has been searching for 200 years. He bends down and reads the inscription on a rock. Ryuwon wants the Golden Sword. Eiji and Kashi arrive after the Jaryuu have left. Behind them, a portly Professor runs in, blaming them for stealing the Precious. He manhandles Akashi and pushes him off. He pushes off Eiji and Akashi recognizes him as Professor Igarashi.
The Professor pushes him off as he explains and runs out of the cave. The Professor says "When SGS see Precious, their eyes change color, don't they?" Akashi still tries to convince him, but the Professor makes him carry him through the river. Mr. Voice and Sakura explains that Hanzo Igarashi is famous for disliking SGS, because he believes SGS monopolizes on treasures. Mr. Voice finds him troublesome.
Morio comes in and hands Shouta a book the Professor wrote about the ancient Lemuria civilization, older than Atlantis and the Gordom. Sakura says no complete Lemuria ruins have bee discovered, so it is mostly known in folklore. Shouta finds a picture of the Precious-- the Mirage Beast. Akashi tells the Professor what he knows, that the Lemurians created a dragon-like living war machine called the Mirage Beast. SGS is little than impressed. He has Akashi move and says the beast was born from the Lemurian Egg. The Proffesor trips when Akashi asks where he was headed, he helps
him up but he won't answer, just ask his name. He shocked to hear he is "The Immortal Fang" for just a second. He then states that he hates treasure hunters. He talks about a man who entered Lemurian ruins to take the Precious 200 years ago. Meanwhile, Ryuwon stops his minions and tell them to take care of the Lemurian Egg while he will obtain the Golden Sword himself. Akashi pleads with the Professor for more info, but he slips and mentons the Golden Sword.
Akashi guesses it is what was written in the cave. The Professor denies it and keeps walking on. Akashi suggests using his Scope Shot to climb a high point, but the professor grabs it and they fight for it. They get all wrapped up with line and swing from a tree. Later, Akashi continues carrying the man. He finds the spot and tells Akashi to beat it. Ryuuwon then attacks. He has been searching for the Golden Sword, the only sword said to defeat the Mirage Beast. Ryuuwon jumps toward Akashi and he transforms and they fight. 'My wish of many years is finally going to come true," he says.
He also mentions '200 year old dream," which intrigues the Professor. Eiji finds the Ryuujinhei on a bridge and he transforms and fights them. He manages to throw one off the bridge. He comes towards the other two and the one holding the Egg wants to open it. The other refuses, reminding him what Ryuuwon said. It opens and a green monster head pops up.
The minion is scared and lets go the Egg and as it falls, a giant green energy grows out of it. The green force becomes the Mirage Beast. One of the Ryuujinhei orders the beast to kill Bouken Silver. The Mirage Beast spits fire at the two Jaryuu and they crumble from the crisp. Silver notes it can't tell the difference between friend or foe. Silver opens his GoGoChanger.
Ryuuwon brings Red down. He gets up and calls the Accelltector and Dual Crasher and Ryuuwon of course flings it away. He then says "This is the power of my dream!" and conducts a deadly attack on Red. He un-transforms and rolls toward the professor.
Ryuuwon walks forward and recites the inscription, which shocks the professor. He says the only ones that can read it is him and a 'thief' from 200 years ago. When the Professor grills Ryuuwon on, he slashes toward him and Akashi blocks the attack, throwing him all the way down.
Meanwhile, SirenBuilder is being beaten up by the Mirage Beast. He is fallen and the beast steps on top of him in the back. Ultimate DaiBouken dives in and kicks the monster off. Silver thanks the others. Yellow asks what the monster is. he explains. The beast comes toward them and they fight him. The Professor checks on Akashi, but fromfar away, behind a tree. He tells him that Ryuuwon is an adventurer
like him. 200 years ago, he was a scholar obsessed with Lemuria's civilization. According to rumors, his comrades made off with the big treasure and tied him up. They deserted him on an unpopulatedisland. He is then seen reading from the text in a cabin with chemicals. Then Ryuuwon's voice is heard, that people have no friendship nor love, so they don't deserve to live. "I hate humans. I seek the power to destroy them. Then I will have my revenge!" He drinks the potion, he claim it was the power of Lemuria's dragon. He became Ryuuwon and the potion vile broke on the floor.
Present time, Ryuuwon finds the Golden Sword among white daisies. Akashi tries trying to get up and tells the Professor that one time he saw a manuscript for creating a dragon from about 200 years ago. Akashi says that despite Ryuuwon once being human, he hates humanity. The Professor says the Lemurians remodeled living genetics to create the Mirage Beast. He deduces that Ryuuwon probably changed his form by using the research. Professor believes that happens to all adventurers, and that those who seek Precious will eventually become like that. The Professor then says,
"Once you know the power of destruction, you have no choice but to seek it!" He leaves and Akashi struggles to get up. Ultimate DaiBouken performs its finisher and thinks they destroyed the beast but he rises among the fire and blasts at the two robots. From below, Gaja has arrived and recognizes the Lemuria Mirage Beast. The Lemurian Egg floats on the water below his feet.
Silver calls Akashi, as he struggles to ger up. He catches him up on the situation. He suggests asking the Professor how to defeat it. By Red's silence and appearance, Eiji asks if everything is okay. Red denies anything and claims he is helping the Professor get another Precious. Eiji already predicted this and he is counting on him. Ryuuwon believes his dream is coming true, but when he grabs the sword, it shocks him right off. The Professor and Ryuuwon are surprised. Professor explains the Golden Sword 'chooses' a person with the righteous soul.
He approaches the sword and tells it he is 'different from this guy. ' His desire is to unravel the mystery of Lemuria. He merely pokes the handle and recieves a small jolt. Ryuuwon criticizes him, that he wants the sword for his own wishes. He grabs him by the neck and is upset he look down on him. Mirage Beast keeps beating on the robots and the Boukenger say that they will hang on for Akashi. Ryuuwon wants to sacrifice the Professor's life. Akashi approaches him and tries fighting him, only to get kneed in the gut. Akashi is thrown near the sword. He gets up. Both Ryuuwon and the man say
Akashi is the same as Ryuuwon and an adventurer has no righteous soul. Akashi clarifies that he wants the power to protect him, his friends, and that is the Precious he is searching for. He grabs the sword and it shocks him, but he hangs on; Saying he doesn't care about the sword choosing him, he chooses the sword. He manages to pull out the Sword from the stone and fights Ryuwon. The sword blasts him off. Akashi transforms by brushing his changer off the sword. Ryuwon does his attack and Red breaks it, saying Ryuuwon is no longer an Adventurer and just a Precious-obsessed monster. He breaks the two swords and does "Golden Slash" attack to destroy him.
The Professor supposes Akashi does have a righteous soul and he can keep the sword. He drops down and laughs, disillusioned. Mirage Beast lunges SirenBuilder away and completely shatters the Drill hand of Ultimate DaiBouken. They fall down.
BoukenRed runs toward them, blurry to them but then to focus. He holds up the Golden Sword and says it is his endless Bouken spirit. Mirage Beast slashes toward Red but he avoids it. He leaps up and performs "Jumping Golden Slash," completely slicing the demon in half.
Amongst the fire and destruction, the beast pieces fall down behind BoukenRed and the Golden Sword. Gaja picks up the Lemurian Egg and says Ryuuwon failed again and that he will use it for something better.
Berated and bruise, AKashi looks at the sword. The others approach him. Natsuki comments it looks scary. They pass it on to Sakura, who wonders what the seal on the sword is for. Akashi turns it and it becomes a robot that says "Zuuban!" This shocks everyone and they back up in fear and amazement.

  • The Mirage Beast is based onMagiranger's MaigLegend.
  • The Lemurian Civilization is first introduced in this episode. It is a fictional civilization, just like the Gordom. It proves key to the rest of the series.
  • The truth about Ryuuwon is revealed in this episode.
  • The book Ryuuwon burned from Episode 7 is mentioned.
  • Even though Ryuuwon is seemingly destroyed, he emerges again in Episode 33. This is probably because of his regenative powers explained in Episode 4.