Valley of the Gods ~Magi Magi Jijiru~
Airdate: October 30, 2005

A recap is shown of Episode 34. The siblings talk about their mother being alive. Urara can't see anything in her crystal ball. Urara says they may never ssee their father but if their mother is alive, they can. She asks to see her with her MagiPhone. Out on Snowjel's shore, Sungel meets with Snowjel. He tells her what Raijel said. Lunajel has returned to Magitopia to tell Magiel. He asks if the gods exist, she says they do. She tells him to be wry of a dark aurora.
Nai and Mea get out of the rubble of the Infreshia and curse Brajel. Mea falls in picking up her umberella and in getting up they find a book. They open it and read about Wolzard, them, and Buranken. Urara thinks it is hopeless. Hikaru and Smoky enter the Secret Room. Hikaru tells her to believe in her own power. She gets upsets and leaves. Urara wonders if their mother is really alive.
Kai gets upset. Tsubasa brings up feeling the presence of their mother when destroying Buraken. Hikaru asks to see Kai's memory of that and puts the memory card on their heads. Hikaru is transported to that scene. Hikaru says it couldn't have been an illusion. He then sees when they encountered her 'spirit. ' Back in present time, Tsubasa tells them of when she visited them in adream. He does the card trick with Tsubasa.
In the dream space where Tsubasa and Kai where they saw their mother. Hikaru says she is real. In present time, he tells her that she is alive. He thinks she is probably in a situation that can't be detected by them. He says if they go to a place where strong feelings for Miyuki, Urara might be able to find her. Houka thinks of this. Hikaru comes up with where Wolzard killed her. Nai and Mea continuing reading.
They recite the monsters that were destroyed. They talk about Memmy, MagiShine, and the Hades Beastmen. They call Belbireji scum. They close the book, Nai says the book looks like it was written long ago, but it is about stuff that has occurred recently. They realize this is the Book of Prophecy, it will tell them stuf that will happen. The book then flies away. They chase after it. The six arrive to the scene of the crime and Urara cries. Hikaru and Urara put their foreheads together.
He sees as MagiMother fights WolKentaurus and she was defeated. He says Wolzard pretended to cut her down and transported her somewhere magically. Makito wonders how Bragel could have possibly know this if he was under the infulence. Hikaru asks Urara. Hikaru says their mother fought believing in her own skill, she never gave up. She shot him with her arrows of nice and temporarily he came to his senses, and he had saved her. "Believe in one's power. "
Urara says she feels like her mother's feelings has touched her and she wants to be like her mother. She gets a new spell. And in her crystal ball, they all see their mother. Unfortunately she is around a vine net and a dark aurora. Hikaru remembers what Snowjel said and suspects the Gods. Nai and Mea, meanwhile, reach a strange unknown place and become Vankyuria. It is a court created in the valley where the gods live. The Hades Gods are huge, she flies up tosee them in the faces.
Toad blows her away. Cyclops threatens to shoot her, Wyvern protects her. Vankyuria says she has a report and tells them that N. Ma has been sealed. Sphinx says they already knew that. Dagon says he will deliver the surface a divine message. Vankyuria counts ten of them. Dagon rallies them together to go. Hikaru informs the five about this. The sky becomes dark and an aurora appears.
A pair of steps rise from the ground and civilians run. The six run forward. The gods walk down from these steps. Each god is named by titles on the screen. Dagon says they have appeared to pass judgement. Drake blasts the city. Kai is for transforming, the five run off. MagiLegend is formed and Hikaru yells to them to stop. They try to their finisher but it is no use. Sleipner knocks them down.
They un-transform. Dagon says punishment will come later. They leave and the sunlight returns. All citizens are scared. Kai is determined not to loose. Hikaru tells them they can't fight the gods.

  • Best clip show ever!
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