The Morning of Departure ~Maagi Magi Magiiro~
Airdate: February 13, 2005

A little girl is given a balloon and it is knocked out of her hands when a boy with a soccer ball bumps into her. Meanwhile in the underworld, Vankyuria is surprised everyone is awake. Buranken rallies his troops. Wolzard watches. In the Ozu house, Makito has made salad. Houka puts dressing on it. Tsubasa is not so thrilled. Houka asks if her mother if she beleives in magic, she says it is childish. Their youngest Kai went to soccer practice on a sunday. Urara turns on the TV.
They see a boy climbing a pole for a baloon. They are shocked when they find out it is the youngest born Kai. He manages to get the baloon, he falls and bounces from thing to thing and lands on a chair. He returns the baloon to the girl. And is scolded by his older brother. They take him away from the reporters to meet the women of his family. They head home and he is cheery. Suddenly a purple seal appears under them. Their mother rushes them away. A troll appears.
He slowly walks towards them as they hide. It punches a wall. They run up stairs, their mother stops and takes out a phone. She transforms into MagiMother, surprising her children. The troll throws a beetle car at her. She makes it disappear. And freezes the beast. She then destroys it. At home, she shows off her magic in preparing tea and cake. She thatthe monster is from hell and she is a magician given magic from a Sky Saint to fight them. She gives the four (except Kai) uniforms.
Then black cloaks and their Magi-Phones appear, they are to contact Magitopia. They will be given magic from the Sky Saints living in the sky and become Magirangers. Kai is upset he doesn't have one. She detects an evil force coming. She tells them to fight. The girls don't want to do it on their own. She gathers their hands and encourages them. Tsubasa is not sure but they all rush off. Miyuki says Kai is too young because he is in high school. She heads to the wall but he stops her.
She says because of the thing with the baloon, he can be too reckless, and she can't trust him. He is says he is not scared. She explains that recklessness and courage are different. She says without true courage, you can't us magic. He becomes upset and leaves. Zobiru appear and the four face them in the forest. They transform and do their roll call. Kai sees this from a bush. They fight using their elemental powers. Blue gives one their horoscape, readying them for Pink.
Yellow says he doesn't feel like it, but he will fight. The sky becomes dark. Elsewhere under a pyrmaid-like device, Miyuki says she needs more time. Wolzard appears. Day returns, Kai falls to the ground, scared of the wizard. Wolzard moves on to the others, introduces himself and attacks them. Kai wants to save them but he is scared, he can't move. Wolzard points his sword to Green and raises his sword. Before he strikes, Kai kicks a soda can on Wolzard.
He rushes toward them, in front of them. Miyuki says this is true courage. Kai stops Wolzard's sword from striking and he glows. And a cloak is donned on him with his red uniform and changer. He transforms and introduces himself. Wolzard sends the Zobiru upon him. He changes one of them into a soccer ball and takes down the others with it. He turns his MagiStick into MagiSword.
He becomes fire and burns them down. The five reunite and they tell him not to be overzealous. Wolzard appears from a higher clift and Red says he's next. Wolzard calls his horse. He merges with Valkyrion and becomes WolKentaurus. The Magiranger gasp.

  • This is the first Super Sentai series to have footage shot for the opening sequence in New Zealand.
  • Mandora-boy starts with a magicial lesson or recap of the magic used on the show be it the newest arsenal or a trick a ranger did. But he is not named yet, he says this is a secret!
  • From the first episode before the opening sequence, there is a opening to the hour block of Magiranger and Kamen Rider Hibiki announcing it is Super Hero Time.
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