Naniwa Anyway, Scramble Intersection Robo!?
Airdate: November 29, 1996

Wumpers are digging in a construction site. Zelmoda arrives and shouts down to some Wumpers down in a whole. Wumpers puts a dentonator on a jar. Meanwhile, in space Exhaus talk to the others in the Barbarian. Zelmoda and the progress with the digging is on the monitor in the bar. Zonnette doesn't like that Exhaus speaks bad about them. Gynamo tries to calm her down and boasts they won't be ebat this time. The next day at Pegasus Garage, Kyousuke greets the gang, who are cleaning up. He asks what is
going on. They are cleaning like 'spring cleaning.' He thinks about them being Carranger. Meanwhile, Minoru prays at a temple. He takes out a hankerchief and starts crying into it. His Accellular rings and he runs off as there is a Bowzock.

  • In "Power Rangers Turbo," a lot of the footage of the monster was reshot except for the robo battle.
  • This episode debuts Dappu's new more contemporary outfit, he ditches the brown robe from before.
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