Moving!! You Cry Too

Moving!! You Cry Too
Airdate: December 24, 1993

Akomaru and Ikazuchi keep beating up the Dairanger. When Kibaranger leaps in to attack them. They plead Kou to snap out of it.
Kameo becomes human again and Kou's mother runs toward her son. Kou calls Won Tiger and the Dairanger call their Mythical Chi Beasts.
The Dairanger form Dairen'oh. Ikazuchi becomes huge. Meanwhile back the city, Daijinryuu blasts his light again.
The people he had hypnotized to line up at the building's roof start jumping off. Master Kaku acts quickly and uses his power.
He levitates them back on the rooftop or have some land safetly on the round. Daijinryuu then retreats and starts blasting the Gorma Palace once again. Shaddam watches this from the ground below and is upset.
Back at the battlefield, Ikazuchi and Won Tiger have Dairen'oh on the ropes. Taking Dairen'oh down.
Akomaru's mother screams at him and pleads for him to stop, telling him she is his mother. Akomaru is shocked. The other Dairanger overhear this from Dairen'oh and are shocked that he is her son, except for Lin.
The mother explains she loves both her sons and she pleads for forgiveness. Akomaru can't believe it and runs off. Ryuranger takes the chance and jumps out of Dairen'oh and leaps into Won Tiger.
Ryou tries snapping Kibaranger out of it. Kou starts choking Ryou.
Kou starts flicking in and out of his armor. Ryuranger then punches Kibaranger in the stomach.
Kou faints in his arms. Akomaru runs and hears his mother's voice, of when he had her captive. He shouts to the nothingness and gets on his knees.
Shaddam appears and Akomaru reprimands him. Gorma is hate and Shaddam blasts Akomaru. Akomaru can barely stand up. Shaddam still wants Kibaranger on the side of the Gorma.
Akomaru is blasted down by his uncaring father once again and falls to the ground. Ikazuchi breaks down the mountain, causing rocks roll down.
Ryuranger reunites Kou, his mother and Byakkoshinken together. She takes him inside the cave once again.
As Ryuranger joins the others against Ikazuchi. The mother puts her ring again in the sword's mouth and calls for power to heal Kou.
The power blasts through the cave and rocks tumble on her. She tries again and lightning strikes the sword. She uses the sword and Kou is englufed with beautiful light and levitated. An explosion occurs and the mother falls.
She puts the sword in a safe place and clutches his unconscious son to wake up. The place starts caving in. Her tears fall on his tiger mark and it disappears forever.
He awakes and says mother. They have a happy reunion. The cave rumbles so more and she is struck by a boulder. Kou tries to help her but it is too late, she is dying.
She tells him to continue fighting as Kibaranger. Kou cries. She pushes him away and she is then covered with rocks. Kou grabs Byakkoshinken and runs out. Akomaru bleeds badly. He struggles to stand up and enters the cave as Kou exits.
He sees his mother and he is stuck by a boulder as well. She reaches out for her son. He takes off his glove and their hands meet. She tells him she loves him as the boulders engulf them.
Kou is very upset, he wipes off the tears and becomes Kibaranger and calls for Won Tiger. Won Tiger joins Dairen'oh against Ikazuchi.
They form Heavy Armor Chi Palace and Kou says a speech. Heavy Armor Chi Palace finally destroys Ikazuchi.
Daijinryuu flies away back to the stars and all the hypnotized people snap of it and start screaming. Kameo and the Dairangers gather with Kou near the shore as he mourns his mother. Kou cries in Lin's arms. Ryou comforts Kou and wraps him with his jacket.
Kaku watches them from afar and cruses Shaddam, who happens to be behind him. Shaddam comes closer to Kaku and tells him he wants to be the next Gorma Emperor and he is in his way.
At night, Lin is out shopping and is looking at a Christmas display, until something catches her eye. Lin swears she sees the twin's mother with Kou and Akomaru.
But it is just a unknown woman with her two sons. Byakkoshinken, pops out of Lin's coat, says her name and it then starts snowing.
Back at her apartment, Kou looks out the window and sadly plays with the frost. He then looks at his mother's ring and swears he sees her. Lin arrives. She touches Kou with her cold hands, which he coplains about. They light the candles on their Christmas cake and enjoy a Christmas dinner.