An Idol's First Experience
Airdate: October 08, 1993

Lin walks with breads in her hands and spots an injured bird. It falls and when she goes to catch it. A man's hands touch her as she rescues the bird. She is surprised.
He helps her heal the bird and he takes her picture. He presents her with his card, Shouichirou Takamura, a photographer.
The adult male Dairanger run to show Master Kaku a poster of Lin in an advertisement. He shows them an entire book of photos. They scream in amazement.
They meet with her outside as she is jogging and she is modest. She bids them farewell and jumps into the air. A montage of all the pictures Lin takes with different poses, costumes and settings.
During a photo session with him, she takes a picture of them together with her own camera she set up. We see the photograph she took and the camera zooms out to show she is holding it in her Dairanger uniform.
She then sings a song in a recording studio with him in the booth. She becomes so popular that she signs autographs for many. At night, he takes her home in his fancy red car. She faints. He is concerned. She is modest. She goes back up to her apartment.
He develops the photos and Gara comes to him and reminds him of his mission. He becomes his gorma form, the Media Sorcerer-Teacher. Outside Lin's apartment building, Kou and the adult male Dairanger grow concerned from what Byakkoshinken tells them.
The next day, the four adult male Dairanger pass by posters of Lin. Young people all over see pictures of Lin and suddenly develop fangs.
Hordes of people gather together and blow up buildings together. They also cars to go on fire. The four boys notice this and try to snap the people out of it. But the people are under a trance. They are then blown away by a powerful attack similar to Lin's. The attack came from Media Sorcerer-Teacher, who approaches them.
The four Dairanger fight the Gorma monster. He takes a photo of them that causes them to be frozen, for him to slash them. Ryou then attacks him with an indepedent chi attack.
He drops his sword. He bleeds blood due to Ryou's attack and retreats. Takamura comes in hurt to the master control room of the TV station.
Lin enters and is concerned. She tends to his wound. She gives him the picture she took of them. She turns to leave, he calls for her. He asks her why she always smiled and she told him because she liked him. He is a taken back by this.
The four Dairanger see Lin performing her idol debut from an outside screen but Gara quickly comes to stop them. Lin sings her song, unknowing it will drain her entire soul. Her energy starts glowinga bright pink, the energy effects everyone watching. More people develop fangs.
She grows weak and falls. Yet, this doesn't stop her, she gets up once again and continues singing. He clutched his wound and remembered her words. He realized she did all the idol stuff not for her vanity, but for him.He grabs the picture she gave him and exits.
Gara wipes the floor with the Dairanger which makes her happy. What doesn't make her happy is that... Takamura ran to get Lin out of studio before she could be killed by the draining of her soul.
He takes her to the beach in his red car. He told her what he was, and though she refused to believe him. She clutched him and then held his hand. He then let go.
He made a fist. He went near the shore and fell to his knees. He wailed why he had to be born Gorma. She came to him and assured him that, Gorma or not, he was Takamura and she loved him. And they were about to kiss until..
When Gara arrived, peeved but neither of the lovers would yield the other to her. Rin tried to transform, her power was too drained and couldn't transform. Gara aimed to attack Lin but he blocked the attack. He fell on the sand and Lin tended to him.
He then transformed into his Gorma form. He tied Gara up with video tape from his hands. He called for a video projection of Ryuuseioh's fire attack and it emitted real fire on Gara but it wasn't enough.
Gara took advantage that the were tied together and blast him with energy. Once loose, she attacked him with energy from her weapon. He was blasted back to his human form.
The Dairanger arrive. Lin ran to her love. As he laid dying, he told Lin that he wished to be reborn as a human, so he could see her smiling face once again.
Takamura seem to fade away but he reverted back to his Gorma form. Lin took the flowers from her hair and placed them in her fallen lover's hands.
Gara sneered at all this and blamed his death on the weakness of love. Lin furious, she went after Gara and calmly transformed into Houhouranger. She grabbed Gara by the cuff and made a fist with her hand. Lin raised her fist and punched Gara down to the ground.
Gara threw the enlarging bomb at his corpse and Gara used his lifeless body as a giant puppet, mindlessly attacking. The Dairanger called their Mythical Chi Beasts and formed Dairen'Oh. Lin said a heartful speech.
When Media Sorcerer-Teacher was destroyed, instead of an explosion that usually occurs when a Gorma dies, large sparks and flares happened. The photo Lin gave him fell to the sand. Lin approached it and picked it up. She put it near her heart.
Lin dropped the photo into the shore and it was swept up by the tide. She sang softly and sadly to herself. The others watched her.

  • We are to suppose Takamura never met or seen Ryuuseioh before, since he never fought the Dairanger before. So how could he made that projection/illusion to attack Gara? Perhaps he had fought the previous Dairanger long ago, it is not made clear.
  • Like much one-shot episode romances in Television, he is never mentioned again.
  • Kou doesn't appear out of suit again until Episode 37.
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