It''s the Final Fist

It's the Final Fist
Airdate: August 27, 1993

Back at the base, Shouji is upset at the lost of Lin. Ryou is there and is wounded but seems fine. Ryou thinks back to his duel with Jin. Jin goes to a hospital for another master, this one in a wheelchair, and he offers him flowers.
Aki, who apparently works there, sees this and is wary. Jin tries but fails to hurt the man. The man jumps out of his wheelchair like a true master only to be killed there and then.
Jin and Aki talk by a bridge. She tries to snap him out of it but they can't help to remember their past. Where Jin and Aki were happy and he gave her necklace with two hearts. Then Aki remembers when he was hurt by her father and she, a high school student at the time, came to heal his wounds.
He brings up the subject of his hand. He then remembers how he lost his hand. Jin leaves her much to her dislike.
The four male Dairangers practice Kenpo but Ryou is still hurt. Man of Jar attacks once again, taunting them. Man of Jar taunts them that he has captured Lin. Gara and Shaddam watch from the sidelines.
Kazu, Shouji, and Daigo transform and fight the Gorma. The monster sucks in Shouji, Ryou trying to get his strength back, screams. Jin enjoys the night at home with wine and music, he touches a flower with his prosthetic hand.
That night, Zaidosu concentrates his energy into the purple orb. Zaidosu's orb glows with a red skull. Ryou practices at the base with candles, withstanding the heat from the candles. Ryou wanted to take off his a skeletal-like armor.
He saw his friends crying for help in the hea of the candles. He continued practicing, for the sake of his captured friends. Master Kaku peered in to his pupil's plight. Jin arrives at the beach wth his sporty car. Aki sees Jin once again. Jin is confronted by Ryou ready to fight him. Jin takes off his jacket.
Meanwhile, Kazu and Daigo fight the monster. They are knocked down. Ryou and Jin race by the beach and then Ryou reveals his spring-full armor, he rips off to reveal his scars. They fight and Ryou is just as lightning fast.
Aki approaches the two and pleads to Jin to stop the madness. Ryou takes advantage of the distraciton and Ryou then sucker punches Jin into the water.
Kazu and Daigo are severely beaten. Ryou finally arrives, ready to fight. Man of Jar captures the other two and teases Ryou.
Man of Jar shoots fire at Ryou and from the fire, he has transformed and is standing. Ryuuranger blinds Man of Jar's third eye, burning it.
Ryou tries a new attack, where he punches Man of Jar relentlessly. His final punch is fueled with his passion.
The attack brings Man of Jar down and the four are released and rejoin Ryou. Man of Jar grows huge and the Dairanger call their Mythical Chi Beasts.
Jin crawls out of the ocean to the beach, defeated. Zaidosu approaches him and offers him great power, but he must first get rid of his weakness. Aki comes for Jin and Zaidosu disappears. Jin struggles to get up, she hugs him and pleads once again. He seems to be coming around.
Just when she thinks he has forgotten his vendetta, he kills her.The flowers that represented their love burns in her mind. She falls to the ground and Jin raises up. Zaidosu appears and raises his purple orb and it is full of electricity.
Red lightning falls from the sky and engulf him. At th same time, Dairen'oh fights the Man of Jar, Jin becomes a Gorma.
Jin rises up and Zaidosu is happy at his new creation. The Man of Jar is destroyed.
Zaidosu tries giving Jin an order. Jin jumps on his shoulder, knocking him down and tells him he isn't going to follow his master. The Dairanger return to the beach and Ryou finds Jin's coin. Jin's laughter is heard.

  • The captures are notably low in quality due to the nature of the origin copy of this particular episode.