A Bad, Bad, Bad Guy
Airdate: August 20, 1993

Martial Art students practice and a master comes into the room. A janitor drops a mop in the master's way. The Janitor beats up two of his students and shows the master a coin and flips it. The coin drops and the master is dead.
The janitor takes off his mask and hat. He is really Jin, an assassin. Jin meets with a smoking fellow who gives him money. The doorman comes to pick up the cups and Jin gives him the money. Both men are surprised by his actions. Jin exits.
Ryou gets to work and sent on a mission. Meanwhile, a police officer stops a car and tells them they were speeding and the driver doesn't believe it. The police officer turns out to be Jin and he has punched through the car door to the driver's gut.
On his bike, Ryou witnesses this. Two men that were in the car fight Jin. Ryou comes in and Jin is fascinated by Ryou.
Ryou is upset at Jin's actions. Jin slashes Ryou's face with his coin. They fight. A car runs over Jin. Both roll in opposite directions. Ryou goes to look and Jin is gone.
Later at the headquarters, Lin tends to Ryou's wounds and the others wonder if he is Gorma. Kaku warns Ryou to stay away, he believes Ryou would be defeated if he challenged such a master. Meanwhile elsewhere outside a hospital, a nurse named Aki reads the newspaper and knows that Jin is the cause of the murders of senseis.
Ryou lays down by a pond deep in thought and his friends come to join him. Lin give Ryou a charm in his hand. Shouji wonders if they like each other and they all tease each other. Lin chases Shoji. Ryou gets up and his outlook is better.
The Dairanger are then attacked. Out of a dense fog, Man of Jar approaches. They try to fight him but he is hard to break, their attacks bounce off him. The Gorma Triumvirate arrive and watch.
Jin prays at a memorial and Aki comes, it is of her father. He is about to leave but she blocks his way. She shows him the newspaper and demands an explanation for his actions. His explanation makes her drop of her purse. She grips his prosthetic hand. This makes him remember the past.
He remembers when he and her father sparred and he slipped and hung from a cliff by his sensei's hand. His sensei told him to fall but Jin didn't want to because of the jagged rocks. So the man cut off his hand and Jin fell. Back in present time, Jin lets go of his former love's hand. Her being there with him has made her memory of how he lost his hand much clearer. She wants him to stop his vendetta and clutches him with affection.
The Dairanger return to the base beaten up. Kaku talks to them. Zaidosu visits a place of death and clutches a purple orb, he places it on a base and chants. It glows red. Meanwhile at another temple, students are flung as Jin walks calmy and cooly through the grounds aiming to murder another master.
Jin and the master face off, Jin tosses his coin up in the air and Jin kills the man. Then the coin lands in Jin's hand. Just then, Ryou jumps out of nowhere and kicks him. Ryou doesn't understand how a man that has such skill would waste it on killing people.
Meanwhile Lin, Kazu, Daigo, and Shoji practice kenpo on each other near a lake. Man of Jar approaches. They transform. At the same time, Ryou and Jin fight. Ryou pushes Jin and he flips back and stands on top of a flower.
Out of frustration, Ryou uses his Ki Power against Jin, knocking him into a tree. This both surprises and angers Jin. Man of Jar sucks the Dairanger's attacks into the jar on top of his head. Man of Jar sucks Lin into his jar and the phoenix symbol appears on the jar.
Jin socks Ryou on the face and a large gush of blood spills out. Jin leaves Ryou unconscious.

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