The 3 Stooges' Super Baseball!
Airdate: August 06, 1993

Shouji is on his motorcycle with Lin and they bump into Kameo, who is running off from something. The two investigate and its the Three Gorma Idiots looking super sad. They beg for forgiveness. They have been kicked out of the Gorma. Shouji makes a pact with General Kamikaze as Miss Telephone cries into a hankerchief. Lin is concerned.
Phones ring all over the city and they are prank calls. Even phones that are not plugged in. The Dairanger catch wind of this and get a message from the trio for a baseball match.
Shouji regrets what he did. The Gorma prepare for their game and the five march in determined. The trio pass them helmets with bombs attached to them. The Dairanger toss them in the air.
The Dairanger transform and then put the hats on. The Gorma have the hots as well. The Gorma get Kameo to be the Dairanger's catcher. Kazu gets the ball and the Gorma would be 'out' if he wasn't tossed. President Gravestone goes to first base.
Miss Telephone gets a 'ball' and ends up in first base and Gravestone on second base. General Kamikaze hits a homerun that hits most of the Dairanger before it goes out of the park. Kamikaze mounts his motorbike.
All of the idiots and a Cotpotro make it to home base gaining four points. The Dairanger are upset. They take a break and all attention is on Shouji.
Kazu is now at bat. Daigo and Lin are on bases. Kamikaze pitches his ball and Kirinranger scans it and hits it. Kazu can't find the ball at all. Lin points out that the ball is stuck on his bat. He throws the bat to a Cotpotro and it explodes.
The ball turns on fire as the Dairanger run their bases. Miss Telephone sprays the ball with water from her phone. Miss Telephone runs with the scorched ball to the Dairanger and Shishiranger makes copies of himself and dizzies her.
Dairanger only get one point. Then neither team gets a homerun. A montage of the events occurs. Lin is at bat and she changes into a sexy outfit to distract the Gorma. Kamikaze ends up hitting her on the leg, Kameo calls it a ball and Lin can run free.
Kazu is then hit on the leg and another ball is called. Ryou is then up, he calls lightning and knocks it out of the park but then gets hit by a bomb ball. Shouji runs to Ryou and then Kibaranger jumps in to take Ryou's place. Of course, Byakkoshinken is doing his voice. Ryou goes to the out box.
Kamikaze's pitch is bounces off from Kibaranger's bat by Byakkoshinken back to him. Kibaranger goes to first base. Shouji steps up to bat. Strike one and Shouji thinks of the idiot's plea and Lin warning him. Strike two and the other Dairanger tell him to do better. Kamikaze throws the third ball at Ryou.
Ryou's helmet falls off near Shouji and it blows up lifting the un-transformed Shouji in the air. Shouji groans injured on the floor. He then grabs his bat and stands up slowly and angrily. He transforms again and Kamikaze does a special power pitch of fire and it is knocked out of the park.
The score is now 4 to 5 and the trio's helmets blow up. They then grow huge. Won Tiger and Ryuuseioh play explosive baseball with the trio.
Kibadaioh is formed, fire doesn't phase it. They punch Kamikaze on top of the others and the battle is over. Four of the five adult Dairanger and some unidenified others play a friendly match of baseball.
Shouji is just laying on the grass. Shouji is asked to pass their stray ball back but he throws the ball far away cursing the Idiot's name. The three idiots are injured once again and walk away.

  • In this episode, Kibaranger appears in suit. Kou doesn't appear in person until Episode 28.
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