First Public Opening Of The Gorma Palace
Airdate: July 09, 1993

The Dairanger try to cheer a mopey Kou up and Shouji ties to reason with him. Unfortunately Kou runs off, once again. Master Kaku watches from afar.
The Gorma Palace rises from the ground and the Gorma make lots of noise. The Triumvirate, Gorma Shitennou, Akomaru, and General Tenpou are in the palace, surrounded by other Gorma.
Tenpou teases Shaddam and he is about to stab him until.. An orb reaches the palace...
and bangs the gong within. A man wearing a mask arrives and gives Shaddam and Tenpou masks to wear.
The two rivals are raised up to a higher level to meet the Emperor, the fifteenth. The orb floats above them. It turns out to to the emperor's third eye.
The emperor speaks with a childish voice and plays with a pinwheel. He throws a pinwheel at Tenpou's chest and Tenpou finds it amusing. Shaddam presents to the Emperor that there is another beast other than the ones Dairanger posses.
The Emperor comes closer to Shaddam and gives Shaddam the pinwheel he threw on Tenpou. Master Kaku refers to Kou as Kibaranger. Kaku makes pleasantries with Byakkoshinken and he refers to the Won Tiger which surprises him.
Shaddam celebrates with his comrades in the temple grounds but is slashed on the face by his son. Kou receives a letter and goes to a warehouse and rescues the dream girl.
They run off only to find her mother who abandons her. He remembers when his mother branded him with the mark. This angers Kou to the point that his tiger lights up. Energy engulfs Kou.
He remembers Shouji's words and imagines his mother floating away. He then remembers a happy memory with his mother and lights up once again. The Dairanger have apprehended the girl's mother.
She gets away from their grasp to only reveal she was Lady Necklace all along. The Dairanger transform and fight her. Kou takes the girl to safety to only find out she was Akomaru in disguise. It was all a ruse for Kou to feel hate. Kou punches Akomaru and beats him up.
Lady Ring comes to Akomaru's aid. Akomaru hides behind a trash can. Kou transforms in front of her and uses his own voice. He knocks her down. Akomaru tries to get away but Kibaranger jumps in front of him. They have it.
Shaddam arrives and splits up the two boys. Lady Ring ducks. Lady Ring and Akomaru retreat as Shaddam attacks Kou.
Kou creates an illusion of the sound of policemen shooting at him. Shaddam goes through great pain and retreats.
The Dairanger use their Dairenken attack on Lady Necklace and she grows giant and is destroyed by Dairenoh. Afterwards, the six look into the ocean deep in thought. Meanwhile, something rises out of cracks in the ground.

  • So far Bakkushinken, Master Kaku, Ajomaru, and Lady Ring know of Kou's true identity. Lady Necklace knew but she is dead.
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