The 3 Stooges'' Soccer

The 3 Stooges' Soccer
Airdate: June 04, 1993

An old lady finds a strange humanoid phone in the city and tries to use it and it is a Gorma. Then a graveyard Gorma approaches her and she runs off. General Kamikaze rolls in on his motorcycle. His comrades are President Gravestone and Lady Telephone. He aims to play soccer.
Youko is with Ryou at work and the Three Gorma spy on them. Ryou's little sister is by herself and then is chased by a soccer ball.
The three take the fainted Youko much to Ryou's displeasure and challenge him to a football match. Shouji is upset at Ryou but Ryou punches him down and runs off to face the Gorma alone.
Zaidosu prepares the three for their soccer match and Ryou appears. Youko is held hostage in a red balloon floating above them.
The idiots demostrate what happens when the opposite team makes a goal. A fake Ryuranger appears and General Kamikaze kicks a ball at a goal, exploding the figure. Ryou plays futbol alone against the Cotpotros and the three idiots but there are many tricks in the way.
And indeed what the General demonstrated with the goal, occurs to Ryou, blowing him down. Ryou struggles to get up. The trio kick another ball in the goal, when Ryou awaits electricity, it doesn't shock him.
The Dairanger had created an illusion of the goal in front of the real one. The four come to Ryou aid. Instead of punching Ryou, Shouji tells him he shouldn't have been such a fool. The five transform and combat the Gorma.
Kirinranger acts as goalie. He does his time reverse technique.... to turn back time and let the three idiots have it.
Shouji uses a quick running technique on General Kamikaze. Ryou uses all his energy to kick a goal for his team, shocking a Cotpotro and releasing his sister.
The three idiots grow giant. Ryuuseioh wraps around General Kamikaze and Miss Telephone tries tickling it.
They are formidable against Ryuuseioh. They play some soccer. The Dairanger do their finisher on the trio but they don't explode. Ryuuseioh does its winning stance.
The scene then cuts to the Dairanger and Youko celebrating by eating Ryou's cooking. The three idiots are deeply wounded and bandaged and walk into the sunset.

  • Starting from this episode, clips from the present episode are incorporated in the opening sequence.
  • For some reason, the three idiots do not die and live to bother another day. In their next appearance, the idiots become Shouji's main adversary.