Ah, Vengeful Goddess

Ah, Vengeful Goddess
Airdate: April 30, 1993

Daigo shows Kujaku the beautiful world she had missed in the past six thousand years. The Dairanger notice Daigo's infatuation with her.
She tells him how she came to be trapped in the mirror. Gara, was in the gorma, deeply wounded, Kujaku went to get water to heal her old friend's wounds and was trapped in the Mirror Makeup Artist. Gara appears in present time and Kujaku attacks her, Daigo tries to get in the way but she hurts him.
Meanwhile, the Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom and everyone is enjoying them. But when the flowers touch the people, they all start fighting. Kujaku goes to a museum and sees a exhibit about the Peacock Buddha. The Dairanger try to calm down the population effected by the flowers.
The Dairanger try to stop civilians fighting each other in the city. Daigo notices they are under a spell. Kujaku throws her real peacock feathers on the people. Daigo blocks a feather from hitting a civilian and is hit. Daigo is fine. He confronts Kujaku on a rooftop.
The Dairanger return to the base and tend to their wounds from trying to stop people fighting each other. Kaku warns Daigo about Kujaku. Kujaku faces Viscount Cherry Blossom.
Gara and Kujaku duel as Viscount Cherry Blossom watches. Gara hits Kujaku. Kujaku leviates a bench at Gara and she sliced it in half.
Kujaku then transforms into a pacock and blasts Gara. They seem to be eveningly matched. The Dairanger arrive and watch.
Daigo targets Viscount Cherry Blossom. The Dairanger transform and fight him. Viscount Cherry Blossom steals Daigo's weapon and he mediates, trying a new technique.
With passive resistance techniques, Daigo dodges all of Viscount Cherry Blossom's swipes at him. Viscount Cherry Blossom grows huge and the Dairanger destroy him with Dairenoh.
Daigo goes to the museum with his peacock feather. Daigo worried about Kujaku but it won't be the last he hears from her.