This Pisses Me Off!
Airdate: March 26, 1993

Lin comes out of school and is given a golden hair clip as a gift by a school mate whose name Lin can barely recall. Ryou comes to pick her up and they hear a scream.
Lipstick Songstress attacked Lin's new friend, painted her lips, making her faint and then makes her disappear. Ryou transforms. Ryou and Lin fight Cotpotros that imitate a man's choir. The other rangers come in and Lin transforms.
Lin slices the monster's face and she is very upset. She grows huge and Ryou fights her with Ryuuseioh. The others join him in the cockpit. The monster calls five hypnotized girls including Lin's friend to sing and deafen the Dairanger.
The Gorma Triumvirate materalize and watch as Ryuuseioh is beaten up. The Triumvirate attack Ryuuseioh, it also knocks out Master Kaku.
Master Kaku is controlling the dragon with his energy and is knocked out. He is determined to continue. They gain the upper ground once again. The girls stop singing. They try Ryuuseioh's finisher but it doesn't work.
Master Kaku's energy overloads and the base is full of explosions. The rangers fall out of the fallen Ryuuseioh. The monster gets up and retreats.
Ryuuseioh transforms back into its dragon form and flies away. They all shout for Ryuuseioh but Ryou is the last to cry out his name. They come to the base to find Kaku unconscious. He gets up and tells them that he can't control Ryuuseioh anymore and Lin feels more guilt about not being able to help her friend.
Ryou tells Lin to stay. Lin runs after them and tells them it is her fight but they tell her they must do this. Lin is alone in the forest and thinks back to everything that has happened. Lin uses her ki to smash rocks and bring down trees.
Daigo stops her and tells her killing things isn't going to help anything. He then runs off. Before she can follow him, Lin gets a vision and sees the Star Houhou in a desert and then returns to reality.
Gara is upset at the Lipstick Songstress' behavior and wants her to attack again but she doesn't want to attack nobody else but Lin. She has no problem with that. Lin's vision first amused Kaku but he tells her that if they obtain the Lailai Jewels, they could control the other four beasts. Lin just wants to know why she is the one getting the visions.
Unfortunately, the boys are in agony over the Songstress' singing. Lin comes out to the rescue but the Songstress blocks her way to her friends and challenges her to fight. Houhouranger gets another vision and falls on her knees.
She shimmers in golden light while the Triumvirate watch in amazement and sudden suspicion. The Songstress is about to strike her but Lin disappears.
The Gorma retreat and the men are left fighting no one and wondering where Lin is. Only Kaku knows the truth. Lin finds herself in a desert in China.
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