Decisive Match Number One
Airdate: August 23, 2009

Picking up where we left out at Episode 25, Juuzou asks Genta to move but he doesn't. He says Takeru can't duel like how he is now. Juuzou is still on Takeru's promise to fight him 'the next time. ' The Nanashi arrive. Meanwhile, Dayu walks away. Mako tends to Kotoha. Kotoha says its nothing. Mako helps her up. Green and Blue bring down Yume. Yume is out of water and retreats. Juuzou transforms and he cuts down the Nanashi, considering them interuptions.

Juuzou tells Genta that he will wait one day in deference to him, it is a pity he won't be able to eat his sushi. He says if he doesn't come, he will kill many people, maybe over twenty people. Genta is angry. Juuzou smiles and walks away. Back on the bargem Shitari wonders what Dayu and Juuzou were thinking. Shitari asks Doukoku if he will contine to ignore Dayuu. Yume is freaking out because he can no longer enter the dreamworld and curses the Shinkenger.

Shitari and Douku tell him to eat humans in the real world. Back at the house, Mako throws away her cooking books. She tells Jii she won't loose her naivete. She hestitated a moment with Dayu. Jii asks if she saw her dream. She says she was indeed near her mind. She used to think she couldn't understand a falling Gedou, but... She remembers Dayu saying that she is still connected to her love even in death. Mako says if she hesitates, she can't protect those who need protecting.

She needs to show her resolution as a samurai. Jii nods. Later, Ryuu implores Takeru not to go alone when he will fight Juuzou tomorrow. Takeru says he already made her decision and that if he's not alone, Juuzou won't come. Ryu says that their mission to protect this world, not play fight. Kotoha brings up the point that Juuzou said he will kill people if Takeru doesn't appear. Takeru sauys they don't know where he will strike, so how can he guarantee that they'll be able to stop him.

Ryu is still against it. He says if the time comes, he will stop him by force. They both stand up. Chiaki tries calming Ryu down. Genta turns around, saying it is tough, what shoudl they do. Mako thinks he should go. Ryu gets mad at Mako. Jii defends her and says they mustn't ignore Juuzou. Takeru says the discussion is over and walks away. He closes the door in Ryu's face. Gen faints as he has a fever. Juuzou walks in the forest at night. He hears the moaning of the Shamisen.

Dayu says her feelings have disappeared. Juuzou says her attachment was so powerful that she fell to the Gedou, how could it go away for just a few centuries. She says what she had overheard-- that he wishes to be split apart. He laughs, saying it his ambition. That the level of exchanging slashes, maybe at last he'll be satisfied. He asks, who will want to just disappear. He says that she is surprisingly honest with her feelings. He leaves and she caresses her shamisen.

She says that she will never let 'your' souls be connected, I suspect she means between him (the shamisen) and her love rival. We see the flashback of the man reaching out for the love rival, who he loved. She says she will remain like this to suffer forever. Takeru practices at night as Ryu watches him. He says he's fed up with Ryu & asks him what's wrong since he's faced dangerous battles before. Ryu says he jumped into that danger too readily, he believes that he's indifferent about his own life.

He wants him to be honest. Takeru says he wants to fight Juzou on his own, not as the head of the Shiba, but as a Samurai, he wants to fight. Inside, Chiaki says Takeru won't loose against Juuzou and admits he thought Mako would be against it. Mako says there is no room to hesitate, that Juuzou needs to be defeated. Ryuu mediates by himself. That morning, everyone sees Takeru off, as he puts his shoes on at the exit. Ryuu kneels to him, he still wants to stop him.

He says it isn't as a retainter, but acting as a mere samurai. Takeru says it is just like him. The reciever bell rings and the Kuroko show where the disturbance is. People run from the Yume. Ryu says to leave the Ayakashi to them and sure to be back. Takeru hopes the same for them to and gives Ryunosuke the seal. Yume is about to eat a man when the Dragon attacks him and the five transform and fight the Nanashi. Takeru meets Juuzou at the shore and says he has several debts to him.

He will pay him back one. Juuzou becomes his monster form and Takeru transforms and they square off. Back with the Ayakashi, Blue fights Yume. The others help, Green and Gold hold him down. Blue goes super. Green and Gold leave Yume. Blue flips above Yume and strikes him, destroying him. Yume becomes big and DaiKaiShinken is formed quickly. Yume pops up in and out and strikes them. Red and Juuzou fight in the water. Juuzou says Red's reactions are growing better.

They continue combating, Juuzou swats his mask. Yume keeps popping in and out around the robo. Blue stays true to his promise, they get on the task and hold the monster back. They call for the IkaTenkuu Buster and destroy the monster. Pink asks about Takeru. Juuzou is enjoying the fight. They are now on a cliff. Juuzou is prepared to finish him, his sword strikes Red's should and drops his katana and he grabs his katana with his other hand and slices his sword in half.

Juuzou is shocked that he got cut on purpose. Juuzou says there is no pleasure getter than that and falls off the cliff. Takeru de-transforms and reunites with the others. Back at the house, Ryu returns the seal to Takeru. Genta arrives with food to celebrate. Kotoha says its good to have big dreams. Mako thinks about this and Jii hands her cooking books. She must have flexibility or she will end up like a Gedoshu.

  • Loved the scene between Jii and Mako.