The Dream World
Airdate: August 16, 2009

Takeru is silently thinking back to what Juuzou said outside his house as he trains. He then practices. Ryu and Chiaki watch him. Chiaki asks him if he will really fight Juuzou on his own. Ryuu pleads him not to. He has no reason to do so. The girls talk about it in the kitchen. Kotoha is worried because Juuzou is said to have done terrible things to become a Gedou. Mako says understanding him probably is just beyond their understan- ding. Mako puts an apron on.

The kuroko plead her not to cook. The boys marvel at Mako's strange cooking. Jii tells Takeru to prepare. The Kuroko have emdience. Jii says the last time he ate Mako's cooking, the stomach pains kept him up all night. Chiaki is shocked. Chiaki is for eating it. Mako hears this and all the men freak out. Mako would them rather be honest. She bites into her food, saying she still has ways to go. Chiaki and Ryuu dive in to eat but she takes it away.

Dayu is smacked down by Douku, mad at her that she didn't kill or even fight Juuzou as he ordered her to. Shitaru defends her, saying even she can't take him in battle with his skill. He has her apologize. She wants him to strike her down if he wants. She says that it has been centuries since she fell to being a Gedou, she has devoted her body into one emotion. She wants him to break his emotions into pieces. He says she is pretty intent on that, he grabs her Shamisen and burns it.

The shamisen moans. Dayu grabs it. He asks her if she thought should could enter Nirvana so easily, saying she shouldn't give up. She nruns off, saying she has to plug her shamisen. Doukoku commands Shitari to summon Yumebakura, as he retires. Mako looks through cooking books at the book store and exits, she hears screaming and goes to the source, Dayu and her shamisen attacking men. She says she will use a man as the plug. Pink transforms and fights her. Dayu tells her not to interfere.

Yumebakura arrives. Dayuu upset at his appearance. He sprays the man, putting him to sleep. The others arrive and fight Yume. Dayu grabs the man and retreats. Mako and Kotoha, at Takeru's orders go after her. Genta arrives. Genta's put to sleep. Yume says he is having a nice dream, he enters Genta. Elsewhere, Pink fights Dayu, Yume comes out of the man and puts the two women asleep. Mako de-mrophs and rolls downward the hill with Dayu. Yume enters the dream world.

Douku says for her to remember. Jii explains to Takeru that the sleeping people are happy in the dream world. They must enter it. In Mako's dream, she is making perfect dishes. She then sees a black cloud. She enters it and sees the past. She sees the woman that became Dayu. Usuyuki burned a house. Fire surrounds Mako. Takeru makes a portal for Ryu and Chiaki to enter the dreamworld through Genta. They jump in and Takeru faints due to the power needed to make it.

Chiaki and Ryu encounter the dreaming people. Genta's dream is that he has a three-star resturant, Ryu tries to snap him out of it. Chiaki spots Yume and smacks the boys. Yume is about to eat a woman, when Blue and Green morph and fight him. Back with Mako, Usuyuki took hold of the man's face, the man who she loved, but fell for another and she burned the house he was in. She says once again she is alone. The man was still alive and reached out for his lover, Usuyuki's love rival.

She grew angry that he still did not choose her. Blue and Green beat up Yume, he then makes an earthwuake occur and flip the two and hurt them. He makes a giant boulder go after them. Green makes himself big and kicks the rock away. Blue is knocked away too and he kicks the monster. Back with Usuyuki, she becomes a Gedou, the man awakes and asks for forgiveness. She tells him to shut up, she became Dayuu & he became her shamisen. Mako is shocked and closes her eyes.

Blue and Green force Yume out of the dream world. They chop off a piece of his hand. The man victim awakes and runs away. The other victims awaken, including Genta, Mako and Dayu. Takeru explains what happened to Genta. Mako hears the shamisen moaning. Shitari sees Takeru in a crack and sends out Nanashi and Oomasakamata. Takeru says they are going to form the robos. Genta is surprised that it will only be them. The two transform.

Red goes super and they form DaiKaiShinkenOh and fight off the footsoldiers. Mako watches Dayu cry over her love. She sensed Mako and takes out her weapon. Yellow is looking for Mako in the forest. The robo is outnumbered. Red calls for the Ikatenkuu buster and with all their Mojikara, surprassing their limits, they destroy them all. Giant explosions happen all around. Takeru and Genta are out of energy. Juuzou arrive, the two heroes ready themselves.

Blue and Green continue fighting Yume. Mako asks Dayu one last thing, if it is too late for her to become human. She asks back if she can't cut her down unless she's human again. Maku mauls this over. Dayu says she's slow. Dayu attacks her phone and is about to strike her when Kotoha comes to her defense. Kotoha gets her shoulder slice as she un-transforms. Takeru can't get up, Juuzou pulls out his sword and points it towards Takeru.

  • To sum up, Dayu was once human. She fell in love with a man but he was not in love with her, he was to marry someone else. She took revenge, became a Gedou, burned down his house, killed everyone in it and turned him into her Shamisen instrument.
  • Clips from the movie are shown during the ending credits.