The True Samurai Combination
Airdate: August 09, 2009

Back at the Shiba Clan, the priest apologizes to Jii and Genta. The Kuroko are searching for Takeru. The priest gives Jii the seal case that Takeru gave back him to it. The four vassals are in bed. Jii gives the seal to Genta to complete its power. Juzo drops Takeru in water and reverts to his human form. Takeru wakes up in the take and Juzo enters the water, pushing him in the water.

He says it will take away Gedoshu power. Shitari grovels in front of Douku for practically betraying him, Douku forgives him, he is more mad at Juzo and Gozunagumo, he wants Takeru dead. Douku wants to eliminate him, she asks Dayu to kill Juuzou, Shitari tries to stop him but Dayu walks away. Shitari says he is cruel. Douku says only Gozunagumo is left, he is full of his extra power.

Jii has Genta study. Genta is sure he has it, but not like how Jii does. Jii tells him not to overdo it. He puts his power into it and Kotoha wakes up. Kotoha knocks down a barrier and wakes up the others. Kotoha thinks of Takeru. Mako says in their state, they can't do anything. Ryuu is negative, because of his failure, he feels pathetic. That night, Takeru is sleeping by a campfire. Juuzou has helped him. Takeru gets up, saying he does not wish to spend time with him. He falls.

They talk about him wanting to fight him and the pleasure of cutting down a life. Meanwhile, Genta continues pumping power into the seal and then faints when done. Genta puts his bandana on & goes on, saying saving consequences for later. The foe grows huge in the Sanzu River. Juuzou thinks back to killing men, saying it was better than dying from a disease. That is why he became a Gedou. Dayu watches the two from behind. Takeru says he saw the grave and if he regrets killing.

Juuzou smirks, saying his only wish is to exchange blades to fill his unquenchable hunger, until the marrow in his bones are broken apart. This chills Dayu to the none. Takeru beleives him no longer human. The Kuroko have found him. Genta is finished and the four vassals arrive, Mako gives Genta her disc. They all give him their Hiden Discs. They put them near the seal. Genta is encouraged by Ryuu. The monster attacks the city. Ryu is not for it, but the others are.

Genta says he will save Takeru. The four leave. Jii gives Genta the discs and he puts one by one in his phone and it transports into a blank disc on the seal. The Shinkenger then confront the monster. They acknowledge that he looks different. Back with Takeru, he is strong again and asks why Juozu wants to fight him. He says something is warped about him. That he gave up his life when Shitari threatened it, that it unusual for a Samurai. Juuzou transforms and Gold gets in between.

Saying he is taking Takeru. Takeru swears he will fight him, next time. The two hereoes disappear. Juuzou feels something, but doesn't go back to check who it is and leaves. Dayu comes out of her hiding place. The four are down and the other two arrive. Genta presents the Inroumaru. Takeru transforms. He puts in the super disc and transforms into Super Shinken Red. Gold presents him. Takeru tells him enough and puts the seal on his katana and fight the Nanashi.

He takes them out in a blaze of fire. Gold returns the gang their discs. Gold slices the nanashi quickly. The vassals do their group attack on the others. Red fights the foe. He puts in the lion disc and conducts a finisher on the monster. The monster grows huge and brings new monsters (from the movie) with him. ShinkenOh and DaiKaiOh are formed. Red puts the Shin Samurai Gattai Disc and they combine all the Origami together to make DaiKaiShinkenOh. They applaud Gold.

They fight off the Nanashi first. They coduct a finisher on them, destroying them, leaving three monsters. The main monster uses the other two as cannons. Gold calls for Ika Origami. Red puts the Tora disc inside the Inroumaru's slot and the other three Origami (Kabuto, Kaijiki and Tora) are called, forming a new weapon--Ikatenkuu Buster. They can only fire once and can't miss. Everyone focuses, sustaining the baddies' attacks and do the kanji for destroy, destroying the three foes.

Takeru returns to the cleaned grave and thinks about what Juuzou said. The other Shinkenger arrive, saying they are going to have a feast. Genta arrives with his sushi cart and Takeru is surprised when the others dress him like Genta with the bandana and everything.

  • Clips from the movie are shown during the ending credits.