The Rampaging Gedoushu
Airdate: August 02, 2009

Doukoku growls, the rocks in the Sanzu River shake. Shitari is worried about the AYakashi that might appear. Juzo thinks he Douku might be unable to move now. The Nanashi grow huge and attack the city. The Shinkenger arrive and make their Origami grow. Tenku ShinkenOh and Ika DaiKaiOh are formed. They fight the armies of Nanashi, while the cracks grow bigger. The Kuroko report to Jii that water from the Sanzu River has appeared on Earth, the Gedoshu power has increased.

Jii opens up a book with a drawing, saying it might be time to use that specific item. Flying Nanashi attack the Shinkenger and they fly up to combat them. The six do their finishers. Genta stops, saying he needs to get more fish and runs off. Gozunagumo arrives in the Gedoshu junk, he was banned when he defied Dokuku. He wants an answer, he wants to take Douku's power. Shitari calls him a fool. Goznagumo wants the sealing character. Jii shows the heroes a memo from past Shinkenger.

A special item formed by their combined power. They lacked the power and were unable to do it but they got Genta, who made Ebi, so they need it to help them against the Gedoshu, whose power grows in the summer. Takeru offers to go to the Tengen Temple. Ryuu asks him to take them with him. They go with flowers for their ancestors. The Chief Priest is happy to find Takeru. The five pray in front of the memorial of the original ShinkenRed. The four enter the temple.

Takeru stands in front of an unmarked grave with the priest. They then stop by another tombstone, that was cleaned up and wasn't for human sight. It was a warrior family refused burial. Takeru asks why. One of them became a Gedou, so because of that, the family ended in tragedy and they were refused burial. This resonates with Takeru. Jyzou, a known Gedou, walks in the forest. He is stopped by Genta. He walks way from him, Genta stops him, wanting him to eat his sushi.

The priest reveals the sealed case to the five inside the temple. A red crack glows and Shitari poisons their tea. The monster and the Nanashi enter the grounds. They tell the priest that Jii finally went to the doctor and is not taking the medience. The priest wants to scold him, everyone laughs. Takeru is poisoned by the tea. A monk reports the Gedoshu at the gates. The Gedoshu are attacking the workers. Takeru sends the four off. The monks are to prepare a medience.

The four transform and fight the monsters. Genta is called by Mako. Juzo is eating and Genta leaves him. Juzo grabs one sushi quickly and takes the rest. The girls get beat up by the monster. They get wrapped in by his web. Takeru is wrapped in a bed and being tended to. A monk brings the medience but stopped by Shitari. He tells the monks to get out of the way. A monk reports to the four that there is a monster inside too. Blue is about to go after Takeru.

But the monster stops him. The monster then wraps Green and Pink in webs and bring them down. They de-morph. Yellow comes to their aid. Gold arrives just in time. Blue and Yellow holds the monster down and tell him to go save Takeru. He leaves and the monster beats up Blue and Yellow, they de-morph. Takeru crawls on the ground as the monks are now unconscious. Shitari goes up to him, asking for the sealing charater, if he doesn't, he won't get him the antidote.

Juzo is about to move forward, until Genta arrives, transforms and fights Shitari. Juzo realizes the sushi seller was a Shinkenger and figures out that is what he felt earlier. Meanwhile on the junk, Dayu calls for Shitari. Doukoku then suddenly goes silent. Back on Earth, the monster is about to attack Ryuu when Doukoku wraps his tentacles around the monster & sucks him back into the Sanzu River. Shitari bashes Gold down. Gold is wrapped in his tentacles and electrocuted.

Gold frees himself and avoids Shitari's bombs. Jayzu stands next to Takeru, he says he liked his sushi, he transforms into his true form and steals Takeru. Gold runs after them, to no avail. He then finds the four unconscious. Douku scolds Gozu. in the junk. Dayu is surprised he finished so soon. Douku tortues the fiend, it brings upon more Nanashi. Shitari has returned and spots even Oomasakamata are being effected. Juzo has dragged Takeru somewhere.

  • Clips of the movie are shown during the end credits.
  • Genta met Juuzou in Episode 20, thinking he was a sushi reviewer.