Lord Butler
Airdate: July 26, 2009

Genta asks Ebi if he is happy that Ika is back, now they can do what they planned. He is sure his plan will shock the Gedoshu. A young son of a rich family, Genta's number one customer Yoshibou arrives in a fancy car. He wants a favor. At night at the Shiba house, Takeru offers Kothoa whatever she wants out of the training menu. She is hestitating. Genta arrives with clothes for Kothoa. Genta wants Kotoha to be his customer's fiancee.

Shitaru says that Doukoku must sleep, because if his power increased, it might destroy them. Urawadachi arrives and wants to slurp up humanity. Shitaru has a heart-to-heart with Dayu about him knowing that Juuzou saved her but Doukoku doesn't know it. He says he will pretend as if he doesn't know anything... for now. In the morning, Jii, Ryu, Chiaki & Mako discuss the Matsumiya family. Kotoha will pretend to be the boy's finacee because the candidates are ferocious.

The boy is fed up with it, so he is making up a fake betrothel, Chiaki suspects for a second that maybe he really has feelings for Kotoha, but no, it can't be. Takeru is going as her attendant in order to make her seem like a fine lady. At the mansion, Yoshi arrives and the candidates to be his finacee are all over him. He ignores them. He finds them shallow. Kotoha arrives and is greeting people. Genta and Takeru are also there.

Genta tells Takeru not to look more authoritive than her and to get her food. Kotoha feels bad, recieves the food. Yoshi makes the announcement, that he is engaged to Kotoha, everyone looks at her as the spotlight is on her. Genta starts the applaud, followed by everyone. In the city, the monster attacks. Ryu tells the others of the attack and they run out, Genta apologizing to his customer. The six confront the monster and fight the Nanashi. The monster retreats.

Red says they have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Yoshi looks for Kotoha. The monster is behing him and wants his 'sweet life,' saying he recently fell in love. The 6 arrive. Yoshi's caretaker thanks Kotoha and asks if she'll have dinner with him. The monster is inside Yoshi. The Shinkenger feel the aura of the Ayakashi. Takeru and Kotoha go in the limo with Yoshi. At dinner, Takeru is about to sit down but the carettaker tells him that an attendant shouldn't sit at the table.

Kotoha tries to defend Takeru but he shakes his head and has to stand next to the caretaker. Yoshi finds it endearing quality in Kotoha. The caretaker wants Takeru to follow and copy her, he laments. Kotoha excuses herself from the table. Kotoha sits on a sofa outside and Takeru comes up to her. She says that having him go through this things makes her uneasy. He sits and tells her to sit, he says to be true to herself, to not herself fade even though she is to serve him.

Yoshi apologizes to Kotoha outside, for his strange request. He says all women that want to marry him are shallow & more attached to his money. He says she's different. When they first met at the chart, he fell off the sushi cart & she helped him. He is about to reveal his feelings for her when he falls and the caretaker sees the monster. Takeru is about to take off his coat and he pushes him off. The monster appears and the woman faints. He reveals he is attached to his feelings for her.

Takeru and Kotoha can't take the monster off Yoshi and he says they have to kill Yoshi to get rid of him. Kotoha worries but then thinks it through and runs onto a bench and slaps Takeru. She tells Takeru that she wants to be with a rich man. Yoshi can't believe it. The coat falls off. The monster came off, angry at them. The monster is attacked by the other Shinkenger. He fights the four and run off. Kotoha sits down and Takeru tells her to pull herself together.

He says she did a good job. She smiles. Yoshi gets up. The two transform. The monsters bring the other four down. Red and Yellow attack him and the six re-group. Yellow fights him on her own. Red defends her when she brought down. She conducts her elemental attack. Kotoha and Takeru destroy the monster with a Tora attack with the cannon. It grows big and he sends the flying Nanashi. Tenku Shinkenoh is formed and flies against the flying monster. Ebi Origami fights the monster.

He jumps on top of Ebi and pulls its tail. Genta calls for Ika and takes the foe off. They then form Ika DaiKaiOh. The two fight. Gold destroys the monster with its finisher. The Tenku Shinkenoh finishes off the rest of the footsoldiers. Back with Yoshi, she tahnks Kotoha, and says he was a fool not to realize it wasn't a trick and... also, her feelings for Takeru, saying that he is important to her. It pains him that she likes him, but he is quite the person. He goes to the car door.

Kotoha says that is not why he is important. He thinks its better how it turned out and he enters his car and the car leaves. Mako asks Kotoha whats wrong. Genta waves goodbye to his customer. The boys goes up to the girls. Takeru goes up to Kotoha and then they all leave. Kotoha smiles and follows the others, walking next to Takeru.

  • I don't get it, does Kotoha have feelings for the guy or Takeru?