The Father and Son Bears
Airdate: July 19, 2009

Picking up from Episode 24 of Kamen Rider Decade, Genta screams and shouts for his stolen Ika Origami. Elsewhere, Ayakashi Chinomanako growls and lets out Nanashi. The Shinkenger arrive, present themselves and fight the Nanashi. When the Nanashi are finished off, Red can't help but worry there is an Ayakashi around and they split up, Mako and Chiaki go off together. Tsukasa, Kamen Rider Decade, is dressed as a Kuroko, is dragged with the rest of the Kuroko.

The narrator says they must differ from story for another of 'the day. ' Sasamatage enters the Sanzu River Junk to find no one there. The Susukodama pop up but he bats them off and exits. Later, Mako and Chiaki are walking un-transformed. Chiaki complains about the heat. Mako won't give in. Chiaki pleads. Elsewhere, Sasamatage puts a ball on a victim's head, to commit evil deeds. A Nanashi gives him a sword. Meanwhile, Mako and Chiaki are eating breakfast in a resturant.

Jii, with his aching back enters the Hikari Studio, which is now situated in this dimension. It is a traveling photo studio run by Eijiro Hikari. Jii thought he was heading to the hospital but the place has changed. Eijiro runs him inside, offering help. Back with Mako and Chiaki, Chiaki says if Jii was his dad, he'd fight with him everyday. Mako asks if he blames his Samurai deficiencies on his parents. A man sneaks up behind Chiaki and Chiaki screams at seeing him.

Mako is surprised to find out he is his father. Mr. Tani sits down to eat with them. Chiaki is not happy to see him. He tells his son that he is lucky to be with a girl like Mako. Suddenly, the foe's victim enters the resturant and holds everyone hostage. Mako tells Chiaki to get the child and she'd take care of the man, and he sneaks behind the man. Mr. Tani gets in front of the Mako and the man slashes his arm. Chiaki is able to escape with most of the patrons. Nanashi enter the room. Mr. Tani apologizes.

Mako notices Mr. Tani was protecting the mother's baby. Chiaki has the boy stand up outside the resturant. He hears a screech and sees a man drive the car crazy and other people controlled by the monster. He calls Takeru, he is on his way. Chiaki fights 1 of the possessed men. Chiaki notices the eggs on their heads and slices the one on the man and he's completely back to normal. Takeru and the others have arrived, Chiaki explains what to do and Ryuu and Kotoha cut off the eggs off two of the victims.

Chiaki explains the Mako situation. Mako tends to Mr. Tani's wound. Chiaki sent her a text and says if his dad didn't get in the way, they could've taken care of it. Kotoha defends his father. He says all his dad wants is to have fun. Takeru says he sounds like a grown up sarcastically. One more possessed guy comes and Takeru saves him. Chiaki gets the text back from Mako. Takeru tells Chiaki to take care of that problem and he runs off with the other two to find the Ayakashi responsible.

Chiaki and Mako had agreed they do something in 8 minutes exactly at 2:30pm and Chiaki's dad is worried. Mako tells him it'll be okay. Meanwhile, the monster makes two more possessed people. The trio arrives. Red fights the monster. Blue and Yellow are sent away. Mr. Tani yawns and he exchanges smiles with Mako. Mako says she might have misunderstood his actions if not for the baby Mr. Tani protected. Tani says what she said so frankly about Chiaki pleased him.

Mako says it is true Chiaki doesn't follow any pattern, that he's free in marital arts and Mojikara, but sometimes he's astonished. That he resmebles his dad. Mr. Tani blushes and says he didn't really teach him Samurai stuff, as Chiaki stretches. He says Chiaki's mom died early on and he wanted him to be a cheerful child. Chiaki means 'A 1000 times as cheerful. ' Mako says she thinks thanks to that Chiaki is the unique kind of samurai he is. Mr. Tani thanks her. It's time.

Mako countdowns and calls for her katana and Chiaki makes the kanji to make a large bamboo enter the room and he drops down it and fights the Nanashi. Mako slashes off the egg on the hostage taker's head. The hostages exit. The former hostage asks his bag and runs off. The woman with the baby reunites with the little boy Chiaki saved previously. Chiaki asks his dad if he bugged Mako. His dad shows his tended wound. Three Nanashi come out from hiding.

Mr. Tani quickly gets a Nanashi sword and fights them off. Chiaki and Mako are surprised. Mr, Tani catches his breath and then complains about his injury. He says Chiaki sure is strong, that when the Gedoshu are beaten, they should get pancakes again. He says he'll be waiting for him at home until then. Chiaki hides his smile and goes off with Mako. Meanwhile, Yellow and Blue have removed the eggs from the victim's heads. Blue and Yellow come in and beat up the monster.

The foe throws eggs at them and Red slices them up. Red then fights him with the Daizanto. Yellow and Blue conduct a finisher on him and kill him. He grows in front of Chiaki and Mako. Chiaki stops in his tracks and he tells her that when you get stronger, you see a stronger one. That after seeing his dad's swordplay, he never saw how strong he really was. He then races off passed her, she joins in. Chiaki runs and we see all the Shinkenger, he says that 'he' (Takeru?) is ahead of everyone.

The 5 reunite, Chiaki and Mako transform and form Tenku Shinken-Oh. Natsumi Hikari, the owner's granddaughter, comes out of Hikari Studio and sees the giant robot fly up in the air. She wonders what it is and wonders if her Tsukasa is with them. Genta sees the threat and doesn't like it. The Shinkenger are being beat up by the foe when Ebi Origami comes in. Gold makes it into Daikaioh default form. He tells Red about Ika being in trouble. He switches to the Green East form.

DaiKaioh swaes back the eggs. He then switches back to the default mode and together with Tenku ShinkenOh, they destroy the monster. Yellow wants them to clap but Gold says he has no time for that. Daikaioh runs off. Green sighs, thinking of his father. At the shop, Mr. Tani finishes his pancakes. Later, Mako touches Chiaki's shoulder and they exchange smiles. Mako tells Takeru that Chiaki is stronger and if not careful, he might surpass him. Chiaki, Kotoha, and Ryuu play paper, rock, scissors. They chase after Chiaki.

Takeru walks alone in the city. The man in the trenchcoat called Narutaki (from the Decade series) comes up behind him. He tells him that the world has been corrupted by Riders, that Decade will destroy the world and that he has to remove him. He then disappears in a silvery dimensional wall before Takeru can ask what he meant. Tsukasa comes up to him and takes off his Kuroko outfit. He says this world doesn't need Riders, he passes by Takeru and the segment ends with the Decade buckle.

  • This episode takes place between Episode 24 and Episode 25 of Kamen Rider Decade. The characters of Kamen Rider Decade that appeared in this episode were Eijiro Hikari, Natsumi Hikari, Tsukasa, and Narutaki.
  • For those who don't watch Kamen Rider Decade and did not see Episode 24, the characters of Kamen Rider Decade go from dimension to dimension and have entered the world of the Shinkenger. The Ayakashi Chinomanako had taken the transformation device of Kamen Rider Diend and become stronger.
  • Kamen Rider Diend stole the Ika Origami from Genta at the end of Episode 20 of Shinkenger.