The Ebi Origami's Transformation
Airdate: July 05, 2009

Kotoha is surprised to find no one in the main room. Chiaki and the others are working on a birthday surprise for her. Takeru comes inside and asks if the shop will understand if he asks them to add a message to the cake. Chiaki says they will. Mako says Genta is bringing Sushi. Ryuu wants to handle it, Takeru says it's okay and exits. Outside faraway, Genta says what a good girl Kotoha is. He tells Ebi that he will move soon.

The Sanzu River is trubulant in the summer. Douku makes a glass brake. The Nanashi are stronger too. Utakasane arrives, Dayuu insults him. Meanwhile, Jazu is back on Earth and recovered. He meets Genta. Genta senses something. Genta thinks he is a gourmet. Jazu wants to try some the next time they meet. Genta thinks he might be with the classic guide to great restaurants. Genta calls the call of an Ayakashi. The foe attacks people and takes their souls.

The victims fall to the ground. The foe is attacked by blue and all six face him. He splits apart into 100 parts and beats them all. Yellow goes down and her soul is taken. Pink goes to her aid. Kothoa and the victims will die in one day. The foe says he is going back to the Sanzu River and will not return, it is a place where they cannot follow. Green and Ble try to attack him but he splits up and beats them up. Gold protects them. Red and Gold fight him but he disappears.

All the Shinkenger agonize. Gold looks at the crack where the foe left in. Kotoha is put to rest. The group is determined to defeat him. Chiaki wants to know if there is a way to the river. Meanwhile, Genta puts the kanji 'live' on Ebi but it doesn't work. In the junk, the foe revels in his genius plan. The next morning, Kotoha is awake and she apologizes to them. She says she is glad it was her. Takeru promises they will save her. She says she is fine when she is clearly not. She falls alseep again.

Chiaki runs out and the others follow. Takeru tells Jii to take care of her. Chiaki goes back to the crack and orders the AYakashi to return and slashes at the crack with his katana. The others pry him off. Takeru runs in and Jazu is there. Takeru tells him he has no time for him. He reveals there is a way to enter the River, you would have to become a heretic, leave the path of the righeous people.

We see Dayuu play her shamisen. He says they have to think of how to do it themselves. Takeru asks him if that he is how he became a Gedoushu. He smirks and just says to become a fellow Gedou. He becomes his Gedoshu form. He says it would be thrilling to fight him as one that has surpassed human life. Jazu leaps away. Chiaki wants to do it. Takeru tells him he has to protect the world. Chiaki says he rather do it then him having to do it in order to save Kotoha.

Mako wants to do it too. Takeru tells them they should not let personal feelings cause them to forget their mission. He is about to walk away but Chiaki asks he will okay with loosing Kotoha. Ryuu says he understands the pain of those staying by their loved ones. Mako says she doesn't want anyone to go through this. That's why they fight. Takeru turns around and looks at them. They all nod.

Genta arrives and says he might be able to draw out the foe but it might take a lot of Mojikara, he shows them Ebi in a case. While, the foe laughs as he has to wait more. He spots the word Ebi on his tummy. The five charge Ebi with Mojikara. It makes the Ebi bigger and bigger. One final slash, makes it move. The Ayakashi glows and is dragged outside and smashed by Ebi's claw.

Genta explains he planted the character unto his body while fighting. If they complete Ebizou, the same characters he sent to the Ayakashi will react and link to the Ebi Origami. They transform. Gold fights him. He can't split up because the Ebi kanji. He tries to fly away but Pink and Blue knock him down. Green attacks him and swings him towards Red, who destroys him.

Pink says without Kotoha, they can't form ShinkenOh. Gold says he will handle it and climbs inside Ebi. The claws hold him down and swings him away. He then calls out for Nanashi. Gold slashes them away. Gold changes Ebi Origami into DaiKaiOh East form with the red face and fights the Nnashi. He switches to the green West face and slashes away arrows. They is then pinned down. Tenkuujin comes to help.

Gold then switches into the blue South face. He then fight sthe monster and conducts an finisher on him. He finally destroys him with the East form. All the souls spill out and return to their rightful owners, full recovery. Later, Mako brings Kotoha into a room for her surprise birthday party. Genta gives her a big Sushi dish and says it is also the birthday of Ebizou. She thanks Takeru for the cute figure he made on the cake. She is touched and hugs Mako.

The next day, Genta comes out of the house and sees a wierd silvery wave over his cart. Daiki comes in and takes Ika Origami as a treasure. Genta asks who he is. He says he is just a passing-through Kamen Rider. Daiki is Kamen Rider Diend. Genta is confused to what a Kamen Rider is. He then disappears. Genta is really steamed. The episode ends with the closing of Kamen Rider Decade, his henshin device.

  • The last segment is a lead-in to Kamen Rider Decade episodes 24 and 25, in which the Shinkenger guest star. Decade Episode 24 aired July 12. Shinkenger Episode 21 did not air until July 19 and takes place between those two aforementioned Kamen Rider episodes.