Learning the Samurai Disposition
Airdate: June 28, 2009

Genta shows off the Ebi Origami, a new one, he made himself with his Mojikara. Jii can't believe it. He says he learned Origami are like programs for words. He says he is bad with a brush but he used his Sushi Changer to do it. They need to put Mojikara in it to make it work. Ryuu says he is more like a craftsman than a samurai, Genta gets mad, they get in each other's faces. Ryuu says if you boast being a Samurai, then you're not one. The girls try to pry them apart.

Genta laments on how come Ryuunosuke doesn't accept him to Chiaki, Kotoha, and Mako on her sushi cart. Chiaki says that Ryuu's snobbiness makes him want to work harder. Kotoha suggest acting more like a samurai to gain his respect. At the Sanzu River, the yellow creatures crowd Dayuu. Douku wants to know where Shitari, she says that he is working on a way to get Dauku out of the river. On Earth, he has found a well and laughs. A girl slips on oil.

The Ayakashi and Nanashi kidnap the girl. At the mansion, Takeru spots Genta dressed as a Kuroko. He wants to research on Ryuunosuke. But Takeru lets him know if he finds this out, he will think he is goofing off. Genta pushes him and Ryuu comes in. Later the gang is eating and they are suspicious of a Kurko behind Ryuu, Jii asks Takeru if it is Genta. Genta's legs are asleep and falls on top of Chiaki and Ryuu. He later spies on Ryuu practicing kanji writing in his room.

He later sees him practicing kabuki and Genta yawns. Ryuu then lays to sleep. Genta sleeps watching him. At six in the morning, Ryuu goes for his morning jog, with Genta following him as a Kuroko. Ryuu knew it was him. They hear a scream and head towards it. He asks him why he is dressed like that, he tells him the truth, he still doesn't take him seriously. The Nanashi have captured a lot of girls. Shitari says that the well connects to the Sanzu River.

It is dried up now but if they can summon the river water, it can make this there branch base for Douku to come out of. If they run out of water, they can go there. They have to kill the women and drop them in there. They have to use an axe made out of the riverbed. Ryu and Genta spot them. Their phones don't work. Shitari blasts at them and they henshin fast. Shitari presents himself. Oiongare splashes them, making their weapons slippery.

Oiongare is slippery too and beats them up and Shitari blasts them away. The Nanashi are sent to kill him. Oiongare says the axe is all sticky and he has to sharpen it. Back at the mansion, the others say Ryuu should be back by now. Genta tends to his wound. Genta wants to save the girls, Ryuu tells him to get off the mountain and get Takeru and runs off. Oiongare sharpens his axe and Ryuu fights the Nanashi. Genta saves him from a Nanashi. Ryuu tells him not to be reckless.

Genta asks him if he would say what he has said to him to one of his other comrades, he knows he would have not. It because they are samurai and he doesn't think he is a samurai. He says he is not playing when he is protecting people from Gedoshu. Ryuu says the opinion is like a samurai and if he will fight depsite anything. Ryuu is sure the others will come because he is always on time. The clock strikes and the others knows something is wrong. Genta and Ryuu climb roots to get to the top.

Ryuu gives Genta a hand and they face a bunch of Nanashi. They transform and use his bandana to tie their weapons to their hands. They beat the Nanashi and go after the main baddies. The Ayakashi is ready to kill, they get one girl to stand up. The Dragon origami beats him up and the axe falls in the well. The duo arrive and free the girls, they run off. Blue and Gold meet up with the two baddies in the valley. The foe tries to make the weapons slippery but they don't loose them.

The others arrive. Blue kneels in front of Red. Red apologizes for being late. Gold says he has no doubt they would come. Shitari retreats. The Ayakashi is not scared. Red puts him on fire and the others attack him. Blue and Gold double attack the monster and he falls in the well, blowing it up. The monster grows and they form Ika ShinkenOh. He is too slippery for them. He drips oil on them, Ika falls in his hands. Gold sprays ink on him.

They form Ika ShinkenOh once again and freeze and destroy the foe. Blue doesn't want to clap to victory. Yellow makes him do so. They clap once again. Later, Chiaki and Genta look at the Ebi Origami. Genta calls it Ebizou. Ryuu gets mad. Because Ebizou is a big name in Kabuki and wants him to change it. Takeru doesn't want to get in between. Ryuu puts a stool outside of the cart and they fight over it.

  • Oh, that's why Ebi Origami doesn't move.