Samurai Promotion
Airdate: June 14, 2009

Ryuu is surprised to hear from Jii that Genta is a old childhood friend of Takeru, he is the son of a neighbor sushi seller. Ten years ago, the shop closed and they left. Jii says he would interupt training. Jii doesn't know why he is Gold. Genta dresses up all fancy for the mansion. Jii is upset that he is late and he is concerned that he has the Ika Origami. Takeru gave it to Genta in secret and when Jii found out, he told him he would quit if he tried to recover it.

Mako says it must feel nostaglic. Takeru says kinda. Genta comes in, banging a drum and presents himself. Everyone is confused. He bows to Jii. Chiaki laughs. Takeru out of the room. Genta says he must have gone to the bathroom. Jii scolds him. Takeru breaks down and laughs outside. In the past, Genta wanted to be a Samurai. Takeru wanted him to learn so they could fight together.

Meanwhile at the Sanzu River, Douku punishes Shitari with the yellow creatures. Shitari tells Douku of the 6th. The new Ayakashi wants revenge for the last one. Back, Jii is in awe of the Sushi Changer. Which Genta created. Genta says he inherited the sushi shop from his dad but he trained and developed his own form. Jii is against Genta joining, saying he hasn't ha dproper teaching.

Ryuu says he is too playful for a Samurai. Genta says he is serious. Jii holds on to the Sushi Changer, making Genta angry. The signal rings and the five race off. Genta wants Takeru to stand up for him. Takeru surprises Genta by saying they don't need his help. The five exit. Genta sits down on a rail and falls ona rock, causing his nose to bleed. The foe slashes the city, and people's clothes off.

Lion beats up the foe. The five have arrived. The foe says he wants revenge and fights them. He beats Yellow and Pink up. He then bashes Blue and Green away. Red avoids his attacks and gets on top of a car and fights him. The foe has to leave because he is out of water. Pink asks Red if he is sure they don't need more help. Genta laments to Ika, but he fills the tank with ink. Chiaki and Kotoha come up to him and call him by the friendly 'Genta-chan. ' They want him back.

Genta drags the cart away. They think Takeru didn't mean it. Back at the mansion, Mako talks to Takeru, saying he was becoming more friendly lately. He denies it. She says he was happy. They spar, she beleives he doesn't want to get Genta involved. Her theory is that if her childhood friend was there, it would be hard for him to remain the stern 'lord-sama' he has been.

Mako gets the better of Takeru and he gulps. He bats the stick away. Genta is listening and reveals himself. He scolds Takeru, saying he made his decision and let him be involved. Chiaki and Kotoha arrive and says that he can't act all cool anymore because Genta has already informed them about him peeing and crying as a kid. Mako makes her points as well, Ryuu arrives.

Ryuunosuke and Genta get in each other's faces, not helping Ryuu's point to let Genta join. Mako smiles, making Takeru smile. The signal rings. Genta asks for his changer. Takeru thinks back to when he gave him the Ika disk. Genta asked if it was okay he took it, Takeru said they were friends no matter where he went. Genta said he would train and return when he became lord. They pinky-swore. In present time, Takeru gives Genta back the changer.

Nanashi attack workers in a construction site. The banners are brought up and Genta ask the Kuroko to pull them even longer and behind him too as he stands next to Mako. They all transform and do the roll-call as six. The Nanashi go after them and the five fight them, Gold stays behind. The Kuroko makes Gold realize he has to go forth and he beats up all the Nanashi swiftly. He replays it slowly for the audience. Red destroys Nanashi fast too.

Gold marvels at Red's sword. The foe attacks them and Red blocks Gold. Red and Gold fight the foe. They fight off the giant tentacles the monster spills out and strike him closely. The two make a double attack with their swords and kill him. The others congratulate them. The foe grows and the Origami do too. ShinkenOh fights. The tentacles bring him down. Gold brings forth Ika and combine to make Ika Shinken-Oh. Green is excited. They quickly freeze and destroy him.

Gold wants everyone to clap together, they do so, Pink thinks it is like a festival, Gold says you have to set these things up properly. Later, he feeds the vassals sushi. Takeru says he was used to being alone. He might not admit he likes the company. Jii tells Takeru that seeing him happy makes him feel happy. Chiaki tells them to go eat it. He add that the sushi is normal and bland. Kotoha says its good. Genta says they are indecisive. Jii and Takeru sit to eat.

  • Heartwarming and cute.