The Sushi Samurai
Airdate: June 07, 2009

A man walks in the heat hauling a sushi cart forward. He is thrilled to go meet the Shinkenger from his long journey. We see the five run from the house. The five look around the area they were told to go to and not find any Ayakashi. Takeru feels something, it is like a wind. Ryuu asks him what the matter is, he says nothing. They leave. The mysterious Sushi vendor arrives. The five return to the house and report to Jii. An arrow arrives and Jii reads it, it says 'coming soon. '

Jii says that the mansion is protected by a Mojikara barrier so it couldn't be an Ayakashi. Takeru feels something, he says something is inside. He opens a door and finds nothing. Takeru rolls and says it is in the room. Ryuu & the others don't sense it. They think Takeru is overworking. Meanwhile, the vendor colors something in, saying very soon, he has two Origamis in a fish tank. That night, Takeru is writing and feels a dark black prescence and makes his sword and slashes a parchment.

He goes out of his room and slashes the air and then goes out to the hall. The others talk about Takeru acting up. Jii says there is nothing out of the ordinary. Takeru is outside shouting. Mako suggests investigating the arrow letter. A new Ayakashi laughs and makes a mirror glow. Takeru wonders if he is going crazy, while he is in the tub and lowers his head into the water.

The next day, the vassals investigate the area of the sensor. They split up and Kotoha gets a flyer from the sushi vendor. She stops at her tracks as she sees the same kanji 'coming soon' on the flyer. Later, Mako goes up to him. Mako quesitons him and shows the arrow letter to him, he freaks out and the four go up to him. He goes down on the floor and is surprised they are the Shinkenger. He denies sending the letter and then is upset they are ruining his 'moment. '

He quickly gets happy and tells them he will tell them after they try his sushi. They're not for it, he makes sasimi for them and they eat it, then discover it is really spicy. The man then runs off quickly. The four are then called by Jii. He has a note from Takeru that he went to a valley. Ryuu tells Kotoha and Chiaki to go after the man and he and Mako go to Takeru. The Ayakashi Isagitsune is watching Takeru and is spoken to by Shitari in the junk on the Sanzu River.

He is to bother Takeru in order to find the sealing character that h plans to use for Douku. Takeru makes the Kanji for smoke and disappears in the smog. The Ayakashi goes off to find him. Chiaki chases the sushi seller. Kotoha has him cornered and questions him. The man turns around his cart and races off. In the forest, Mako and Ryuu stop running. Ryuu has his family has lived in the Shoujou valley for generations, it has a sacred spring.

Isagitsune arrives at the spot and his talisman is stolen by the Lion Origami and Red comes out of the water and attacks the monster. The lion gives Red the disc. Blue and Pink arrive. Red said his prescence was weaker in the water when he was bathing. So it couldn't be his imagination. And the sacred spring cut off his spell, since the Sanzu River's water is different, it's like oily water. Red slashes the talisman. The foe reveals why he was after Takeru. He takes them through a whirlwind.

Blue and Pink inform Red of where the others are. Kotoha gets the call from Mako that they need them Chiaki says Ayakashi and the vendor stops in place. They run off and the vendor turns arround and follows after them. Red fights the foe. Red starts getting dizy, he is exhausted because of the foe's spell. Green and Yellow arrive and save Red. The five conduct an attack and the monster sucks it into a black hole and has it attack them. They un-transform.

The foe is attacked by the vendor. The vendor says he will his opponent. The five wonder who he is. Takeru is surprised he is a sushi vendor. Genta says he was waiting for this exact same situation and tells them to watch as he morphs into ShinkenGold. He presents himself. The others amazed. Ryuu says they had no idea there was a sxith. Red says he either. The Ayakashi sends out the Nanashi and Gold fights them with his quick-speed technique and finishes them all off. Red tells them what it is.

Other Nanashi shoot arrows at him and he stops the arrows and then jumps towards them to fight them. They like his swordmanship. Gold leaps on a tree and teases the baddies and falls on the ground and tells the five he doesn't need their help. Gold beats up the Nanashi, but he cut down the trees and they fall on him. The Ayakashi then fights him and makes crows appear. Red trasnforms and take out the crows. Gold says he has gotten better. Gold destroys the foe with his finisher.

Green wants to know who he is. The monster becomes big, Gold falls down in fright. Tenkuu ShinkenOh fights the foe. He makes himself invisible and attacks them. Gold gets up and calls for his Ika Origami and it is made big. Red starts thinking about it and he has an inkling on who he is. Ika sprays ink on the foe, making it visible and clamps on to him, attacking him.

Takeru is lost in thought and woken up, they destroy the monster with their finisher. Gold celebrates, thinking he did it. Afterwards, Gold pulls the cart towards the un-transformed five. They want to know who he is. Takeru asks if he is Genta. He un-transforms and jumps into Takeru's lap. The vassals pry Genta off Takeru, he falls and they help Takeru up. Genta jumps back on Takeru once again.

  • Dragonranger of Zyuranger, BoukenSilver of Boukenger, and the Go-On Wings of Go-Onger also premiered in Episode 17 of their respective shows.
  • I like how they didn't treat Takeru like he was crazy.