The Power of the Kuroko
Airdate: May 31, 2009

In the Shiba household, the gang are practicing their Kanji power. A giant boulder rolls towards a Kuroko from Kotoha. Water and a tree make a vase break. Jii is not happy. He gets mad at Chiaki. The Kuroko clean up the mess. Jii tells them they must learn from the Kuroko. At the Sanzu River, Douku asks Dayuu what is up with her because of the sound of her music.

She thinks back to saying to Jazu that she owes him and asking about ShinkenRed. He said if he can't make his wishes true, there's no reason for him to return alive. He said his sword was asking for more. In real time, Dayuu says its nothing. The new Ayakashi is shy and doesn't want to greet Douku. He hides from the boss. In the city, the five walk and spot Kuroko held oridinary citizens pick up litter, etc.

They watch over the city. Ryu wants to show up the Kuroko and grabs Chiaki and Kotoha. Mako aks Takeru if he approves, he says its fine as long as they aren't harming anyone. They try to help an old man cross the street. But the Kuroko do it. Ryuu and Chiaki fight over a woman's bag to carry and Kotoha gets in betweena nd all the contents go flying and the Kuroko catches it. A kuroko goes up to a crying girl and the three knock him away.

Kotoha goes to the police to find a little girl's mother, but Kuroko had already found the foe. Chiaki's phone goes off and they race to the rescue. Red and Pink face the monster, he tells them to leave him alone. They about to strike but only hit his shell, he then fights them. Pink can't crack his shell. He beats them up. He rolls back into a ball and the others arrive. The three try to pierce his shell but can't.

They spot Kuroko with citizens, Red tells them he will tell them later. Yellow and Green go after the Kuroko while the monster beats up the others in ball form. Yellow and Green return and the monster retreats. Later, Jii scolds the three. Mako makes him realize it was his fault. Takeru reveals they help when they battle, they get citizens out of the way. Kotoha says she had no idea. Takeru asks Ryuu why the Kuroko can't fight. Because they had no Mojikara.

Chiaki sees that there is no reason to compete with the Kuroko. Takeru has a plan to defeat the Ayakashi but it will only work if they work together. At the Sanzu River, Douku says he may not be able to cut Marigomori's shell. Marigomori is refreshed with the river and heads off and the Shinkenger are off, followed by the Kuroko. The foe rolls down the stairs, following people and the Kuroko interupt. The Shinkenger are dressed in their traditional garb.

They thank the Kuroko and say they are fighting togehter. Marigomori is confused but the Shinkenger continue with their roll-call. The foe rolls towards them. Chiaki and Kotoha are ordered to create a rock wall. He hits the wall. Red and Pink attack the foe with fire and wind raising the shell's temperature. Blue creates a large tidal wave. Now the foe is all wet. The shell starts to crack. Red loads the Daizanto with the lion disk and takes the monster's first life away.

Yellow points out the Kuroko cheering them on. The monster is bigger with his second life. ShinkenOh is formed and can't break his shell, as it is back to normal. He becomes a ball and smashes into them. They form Kabuto Shinken-Oh. They throw fire at the monster. Then they make Kaijiki ShinkenOh and wet him. Tora ShinkenOh is made next and it oblierates him completely.

They take off the tiger and all the animals stand in front of ShinkenOh. Back at the house, a Kuroko breaks a vase's handle. Hikoma scolds him and hits him on the head and chases him around the house. Hikoma and the Kuroko break yet another vase while fighting. The Shinkenger watch and the other Kuroko clean the house. The Shinkenger laugh.