The Imposter and the Real Deal's Arrest
Airdate: May 24, 2009

Chiaki tries to block Ryuunouske's hit in practiing in front of a temple but gets knocked on the head. They watch Takeru do it, with Mako trying to strike her. Ryuu wants Chiaki to do it to him. Ryu stops it but one of the swords gets him poke on the ribs. Ryu accuses Chiaki of cheating and he runs off back to the mansion. In the Sanzu River, Shitari compliments Dayuu's playing.

Douku says something is off and suspects Dayuu is not her. There is then suddenly two Dayuus. The fake one reveals to be Narisumashi, an Ayakashi that can mimic other's appearances. The little yellow balls drop down and laugh. Douku sends him off. Meanwhile, Chiaki practices by himself and misses catching the sword once again. He says he is not giving up.

A girl meets her boyfriend and the real girlfriend arrives. She feels betrayed. The guy is shocked and confused. The fake reveals to be the Ayakashi and the couple run off. Chiaki is in the area and transforms and fights. Green can't stop the monster's sword and is knocked out. The other Shinkenger arrive and fight the Nanashi, without seeing the monster and Chiaki. The gang comment that Chiaki isn't there. Chiaki arrives and says they can't handle losers.

He bids them goodbye and leaves. Afterwards, they can't find him. Chiaki returns with his head injury and the gang scolds him. Kotoha asks if it was a joke. Chiaki doesn't know what he's talking about, Ryu is mad and knocks him down. Takeru finds the device Chiaki made with the swords on a tree and they leave. Chiaki is confused. Another Chiaki behind a tree becomes the monster and he laughs. In the house, Kotoha says something is off.

Mako thinks he might be irritated because he couldn't do the technique. Takeru remembers the sword device on the tree. He says they must wait and see. Near the river, Dayuu finds Juzo in human form laid unconscious. Dayuu remembers when he saved her from the Shinkenger. Ryu is practicing and 'Chiaki' throws a stick at him. He then throws a baloon and Ryu slices it and is soaked with water. Chiaki runs off.

Mako and Chiaki talk as they eat cake at a restruant, Chiaki grabs their cakes and put it in their faces. Kotoha follows him into a game place and finds the real Chiaki playing a video game. The fake Chiaki laughs and watches. Chiaki and Kotoha walk outside and find Mako and Ryu and Mako is upset. Ryu says he is no longer his comrade and to not come back to the mansion. Chiaki doesn't know what's going on of course and they want no more 'talk. '

"Kotoha" comes up to him and apologizes. Chiaki lets his guts spill. He thinks anything he does is no good. Kotoha follows him. Chiaki says he thought Ryu of as a comrade. Kotoha turns into the monster. He is about to strike with his sword but when Chiaki looks up and sees Kotoha. He says Takeru has a way to seal Douku and that they are going to gather at Mt. Kurogane. He sends her off and behind the bushes, she becomes the foe.

He then becomes Chiaki. At the mountain, the four Shinkenger are met by Chiaki. He cackles and then gets serious, then tells them they have been decieved. The Nanashi have them surrounded. Suddenly they are all destroyed by a flurry of leaves. The real Chiaki reveals he has been decieved. Mako goes up between them and can't believe it. Ryu is shocked to find out there was an imposter.

Chiaki tells him he saw his reflection in the water under the bridge andsent a text the others telling them to meet him at the mountain. Ryu didn't believe him. Takeru ordered them to go. In real time, the monster shows his true face. The five henshin and roll-call. They fight him and then the monster mimics Red's appearance. The monster takes his true form and attacks the five. Green then fights one-on-one with him. He leaps on the mountain and is brought down.

Chiaki closes his eyes as the foe lowers his sword and finally catches it and with his foot as well, knocking the villain down. He then uses his elemental attack. Red and Green use the Kabuto ring with the cannon and take the first life down. The foe grows and TenkuShinkenOh fights him. He mimics their look an dlaughs. Blue and Yellow can't tell the difference. Green wakes them up that they are inside the real one. Green makes the robot fly and they conduct the finisher, destroying the foe.

Later, the gang apologize to Chiaki. Chiaki says everything is alright. Ryu thinks that Chiaki is placating him and asks him to hit him. They scuffle and then actually get in each other's faces. Takeru gets in between them and says they get along so well that they feel comfortable feeling. They both laugh and everyone runs after Takeru and walk alongside him in victory.