The Foreign Samurai
Airdate: May 17, 2009

Ryunosuke wants to help the Kuroko when a stranger arrives to the Shiba headquarters. He takes off his glasses and is happy to find him (ShinkenBlue) and hugs him. Ryunnosuke is shocked that he knows his true identity. Inside, the foreigner Richard Brown has revealed he wants to be a Samurai and when he saw them fighting (episode 7) when he was visiting Japan, he became a fan. They shake hands, the other four watch from a crack in the doorway.

Ryuu asks what to do from his Emperor, Takeru says to send him away, Chiaki thinks it's a good idea. Mako says it would be bad if he hung around. Takeru says if he had real training, maybe he'll go away. Chiaki volunteers Mako. Mako says she can't speak English. Kotoha is too shy. So it is up to Ryuu. Ryuu begins training with Richard. Kotoha is about to give him tea but Ryuunosuke hurts Richard's back. Mako does a technique with the tea cup, Richard tries emmulating.

Richard's leg goes numb, Ryuu tries making it better but he screams in pain. Later, they spar. Chiaki says just not anybody can be a samurai and says he is a bother. Richard is discouraged. Later, they eat together, Richard has no luck with chopsticks. Richard is down on himself, Ryuu won't hear it, he tells him to 'never give up. ' Richard is beyond happy and gives Ryuu a big hug. With the Gedoshu, the boss asks for sake and the new monster destroys his sake.

The monster's power is fire, he exits. Ryuunosuke trains Richard outside when he gets the call of action. He is about to leave, Richard wants to know whats going on. He tells him and then Richard wants to go as well. Ryuu chases after him. The monster throws fire from his trunk, making a rampage. Yellow throws her land slicer, the others are already transformed. The monster absorbs the fire and wind attacks from the Samurai. Brown and Blue arrive. Ryu tries to sway him away.

Richard runs towards the foe. Ryu transforms and blocks the attack towards Brown. The foe leaves. Later, Ryu and Richard are alone. Ryu tells him he can't teach him anymore. That it is the last time they train. Ryu leaves Brown alone. Ryu trains at night while Brown walks the streets with his luggage. They look at the same moon. Later, the gang comment on the situation, that Ryu seems depressed. Takeru expresses some worry, Ryu says he's fine. The foe attacks again.

The five arrive after the Dragon Origami attacks the foe. The five transform and roll-call. Richard arrives and introduces himself as Shinken Brown with a brown helmet. Everyone plays along. Richard misunderstood, thinking there was nothing left to teach, that he could fight. Green tries stopping him. The foe is bored and throws fire at them. Richard is covered with flames and is hurt, the others dust him off. Blue goes and fights the monster. Ryu takes in another fire attack.

The other Samurai take a hit and they all un-transform, hurt and on the ground. Brown yells at them to never give up. Takeru tells Ryuu he has a good pupil. Ryuu says that he is a true samurai. They all stand up, the five transform again. The monster turns into a fireball and Ryuu bats him away with his katana. The others attack him and Blue sends another attack. Red gives Blue his weapon and they attack with the Marlin disk and Brown helps out. The monster then grows after being killed.

They quickly form ShinkenOh and block the foe's attack with his shield. Blue calls Kajiki and it washes off the foe. They create Tenku Shinken-Oh and destroy the Ayakashi. Later, the five say goodbye to Richard. Richard says he is going to home country to show the way of the samurai. Richard and Ryuunousuke shake hands. Richard then leaves. Kotoha asks if they can trust him. Ryu says it will be okay.

  • Richard Brown was played by an Italian-American actor.