Heavy Cries
Airdate: May 10, 2009

Jii whispers in Takeru's ear about a crisis. Mako is cooking and it is too late, Takeru drops his cup. The men are terrified. Kotoha is looking forward to it. Mako has to go shopping. At the Sanzu River, the little yellow creatures continue hanging about. Douku knocks them out, he has a two-day hangover but he is more worried about Red. Dayu reassures that they will destroy them before he can master the sealing character. Shitari tells him of traitors. Shitari summoned someone scary.

Chikai and Ryu work on their abs to make their stomachs smaller. Kotoha explains Mako wants to be a bride, thats why she insists on cooking. Kotoha tells them of a time she had a dream of her sister and woke up in the middle of the night to play her flute. She was about to cry when Mako came about. Kotoha was about to go in and Mako hugged her. She said it is okay to cry and that she would keep the secret. Kotoha says she felt better. Takeru says she is like an older sister to her.

Kotoha says she looks up to her. Mako comes out of the store and spots a boy crying and asks if he is lost. He points at his mom who is walking with a man in white, thinking it is him. Many parents are doing the same with these imposters. Mako goes up to the mom and asks if she is the mother of the crying kid. She says that her child is the man in white. Mako calls it a 'thing' and the woman is insulted, rushes her 'child' inside the car and leaves. Mako spots the other parents with the imposters.

The real kids run after them. Mako sees it happen, a ball hits a girl and she is replaced. Mako sees the source... an Ayakashi called Nakinakite. Mako calls Takeru. The children cry. The monster is dropped down by Pink. Pink scolds him and then fights him. Yellow and Red arrive and block an attack. The five reunite. The foe gives Blue and Green red men on top of them that they can't take off and get heavier. Pink and Yellow try to take them off. Pink hits one and it hurts Blue.

The monster fights Red, Pink and Yellow and beats up Pink. Red manages to get a blow in but then he gets a red off-shoot as well. The foe then leaves as he is out of water. Pink says to stay calm. They are to dangle things at them. They are like babies, so the girls dangle things at the creatures so they get lighter for the boys. Red wants to destroy the monster to get rid of them but it will be hard to fight them. They start crying again and they keep it up.

Ryu treats the creature like if he is its son. Kotoha and Mako run off to help the children. The Kotoha try to cheer up the children in the same way but fail because they are in black robes. Mako dressed as a turtle and Kotoha dressed as a monkey try to cheer up the abadonned kids. Kotoha plays her flute and they sing along. Back at the Sanzu river, the baddies are concerned that the rising water is now decreasing. Mako runs after kids and then stops, telling Kotoha she needs to be excused.

Kotoha asks her if she is alright, her stomach is bleeding from the hit she took. She asked why she didn't say anythign. Mako insists she is fine. Kotoha says she is not! Kotoha says to take care of herself since everyone else is happy now. Mako says the girls playing and says she couldn't since she had to train to be a Samurai. She envied it. Kotoha reminds her that her dream is to be bride. She wonders why it is. Mako says she wants to be normal. Kotoha tells her she will.

Mako says that sometimes she has her doubts, that all that dreaming might be useless if they don't win. Mako then changes in tones and saying she was being weak by saying that. Mako swears she was lying and wants to go play. Kotoha hugs Mako, she apologizes for relying on her. Mako busts out crying in a moment of sincerity. They are then attacked by the monster. The Kuroko collect the children. The men then lumber out of the base with their red burdens.

Mako and Kotoha transform and roll-call. The monsters says their off-shoots would be wasted on them so he will just kill them. They are down but not out, Kotoha defends Mako and takes a blow. The three men arrive. They try to transform but fail. The monster attacks the girls. Yellow and Pink get up and say they will protect the children, they avoid his hit. They decide to combine their powers. They write their kanji and they become one and make a tornado that takes in the foe.

Pink and Yellow conduct the finisher to destroy him. They then hug. The red off-shoots disappear. The foe grows, ShinkenOh is formed and the five pilot it. They get two off-shoots on them to bring them down heavily. The boys call for Daitenkuu. They hook on to the monster and become heavy for him. "An eye for an eye. " Pink and Yellow then attack the monster even though the off-shoots on it. DaiTenkuu flies away. As the foe is desttroyed, the off-shoots disappear.

As the sun sets, the children reunite with their parents. Kotoha and Mako look at each other happily. At night back at the Shiba mansion, the six eat. They take in Mako's food and are surprised it is good. They say their opinions have changed. Mako says the kuroko helped. Takeru faints. Kotoha eats the food and it is good. All the men worry about Takeru except for Chiaki, Kotoha and Mako.

  • I like the evil plot.