A Threefold Strife
Airdate: April 26, 2009

Doukoku draws his sword at Shitari who has pointed out that Juzo is after ShinkenRed, descedant of who sealed him. Doukoku shrugged it off before but he know realizes his error. His rage causes big and small footsoldiers to be born. The big ones cut buildings and the adult-size ones attack humans, the four transform and run out of the house. Pink and Yellow fight off the small grunts as the boys come in with Daitenkuu to fight the big Nanashi.

The boys come in to help with the Nanashi, as there are too many. The Shinkenger do their individual attacks. They destroy them but then more just keep coming. One of them screams for ShinkenRed. They all leave the other Shinkenger. They all head over to Red. Dokuku calls out to him with red glow. The four circle around Red to protect him. Red takes Yellow's katana and use both. He then replaces Yellow's disc with the lightning disc and blasts all the Nanashi away.

The red glow stops. They de-transform. The others wonder who was the voice, Takeru knows who it was and tells them. Chiaki wonders why now. Dokou is drunk and passed out. Shitari says he is very angry and violent. They didn't know it was the Shiba Clan that sealed him. Then suddenly, little yellow creatures drop from the ceiling, they are called Susukodama which means Soot Echo Spirits. They repeat 'right before your eyes. ' At base, the gang worry about the fixation on Red.

Jii says he now knows about the sealing. Jii reveals this 'secret' to them. That the Shiba Clan passes down a character only they have to seal Doukoku. Flashback to the old team and they all de-transform. Red does the seal kanji and sealed Dokou. The last thing the last lord did was seal him. At hearing this, Kotoha walks off. Takeru looks his father's armor and walks out. Chiaki wonders if they can seal him again. Jii says that the sealing character requires an extreme amount of Mojikara.

Shitari says the previous ShinkenRed's character was incomplete and that is why Doukoku was able to revive. Dayu worries about the current Red. Shitari says he doesn't know about the future. Shitari asks for the most feared Akayashi there is... Ushirobuji. He comes from the door and squishes two of the Susukodama. Meanwhile, the gang is practicing and talking about that the lord can master the sealment. Takeru hears what Ryu says about being his shield and comes outside.

He says to protect themselves. They are for protecting him. Takeru wants to hear no more it, he considers it a burden. Takeru then spares. Inside, Jii thinks to himself. The signal sounds. The five run to a quarry. Ushirobuji arrives with their spy bell. He asks which one is ShinkenRed. So now they know that they know, Takeru goes off running, avoiding explosions. He trasnforms mid-air and fights the foe. The others transform and fight the Nanashi. Juko watches this.

Takeru goes down and avoids the foe's sword and then slashes him. His katana is knocked out of his hands and the foe blasts at Red. Red collapses near Blue. Red gets up slowly as the foe nears him. Blue and Yellow runs toward Red. The foe attacks and the two take the blow. They un-transform and collapse on the ground. Red is distressed. He covers their bodies. Green and Pink finish off the grunts and fly towards the others, protecting Red. Juzo comes over in front.

Juzo slashes Pink, Green and the foe. Juzo says that Red is his opponent. The foe is not for it and Red fights between the two. Green and Pink stand up, un-transformed. Juzo and the foe then fight and Red gets back in the middle. Red then uses two katanas. Lots of explosions occur. The blades are at each other in a triangle. The foe lets go because he is out of water and goes back to the Sanzu River. Red asks Juzo whats his deal. He says he wants to fight someone with skill.

They pace and then enter battle. One of Red's katana falls out. Juzo says it is how he imagined, that Red is not fighting as usual, that it is not the battle he dreamed for. Juzo is about to slice him and Red moves so the rock is sliced behind him. Juzo leaps above them and transforms into a human, saying Red owes him. Chiaki and Mako recognize him. Chiaki asks if he is Gedoshu. He says he is Fuwa Juzo, thats call. Chiaki and Mako then run to the others. Red de-transforms.

Takery walks the opposite direction to a pond. That night at the house, Ryu and Kotoha are being treated for their wounds, with Mako, Chiaki and the Kuroko. Jii comes in asking for Takeru, he can't find him. He goes out calling for him. Takeru exits the mansion gate, Takeru hears Jii but continues on. The narrator says this will continue in Episode 12.

  • Douku is an idiot, doesn't pay attention.
  • Many fans thought the flashbck took place in ancient Samurai times and were disturbed by the modern car but this most likely occured in the late 80's or early 90's and the car was still a bit too modern for that time.
  • I like the furry yellow things.