The Great Sky Combination
Airdate: April 19, 2009

It is explained to the team that the three Hiden disks (Kabuto, Kaijiki, and Tora) make the legendary Daitenkuu, they are shown the drawing of the bird by the Kuroko. They have to pick a pilot for each other, Ryu is Kajiki's and Red is for Tora. Chiaki wants to be the pilot for Kabuto, Jii selects Mako. Takeru says she has the best sense for controlling mojikara. Kothoa notices Chiaki is upset. Later, Chiaki trains instead of eating. He has been practicing ever since Ryu captured Kaijiki.

Mako says she is not happy about being in charge of Kabuto but she just can't give the disk to Chiaki. Jii says it is harsh but only a person himself can perfect himself. He applauds himself for scolding Chiaki. Chiaki sort of faints. He thinks back to the men using the disks. Chiaki lays on the ground. He says he can change his future, it doesn't matter how he was in the past. A new foe comes out and projects black smoke in the air. The five head off. It rains on people from the black smoke cloud.

When the rain clears, they all suddenly are extremly depressed. The five arrive. Chiaki says they have all turned to Ryu. Mako wants to give them all hugs. The foe arrives, explaining his power. The five transform and roll-call. The foe blasts them away. Pink is about to use the Kabuto disk and it is blasted out of her hands and Green grabs it and put it on his spear. Blue is against it. The foe flies in the air. Green tries attacking but it doesn't work. The foe gets away.

Back at the base, Jii scolds Chiaki and wants his SodoPhone, saying it is too soon for him to be a sumuari. Chiaki marks Jii's face and gets knocked on the head. The others try prying off Chiaki and he marks all their faces. Later, Mako, Kotoha, and Ryu wipe the marks off their face. If Chiaki was to quit, he wouldn't have acted that way if he was. Mako thinks Chiaki has the power to use the disc but he needs something to start it up. Jii and Takeru talk as Takeru plays with his Shishi Origami.

Jii thinks Chiaki needs more training. Shishi runs off. Takeru tells him Chiaki is not him and it can't be done the same way. That Chiaki is trying to be stronger on his own, Jii realizes his fault through Takeru. Takeru walks off. Jii's anger becomes happiness when he sees his bamboo plant. Elsewherre, Chiaki is playing a video game. He thinks about what Jii said and what happened with the axe. He lost and is convinced he is lame. Back at the Sanzu river, Okakurage has returned.

The boss Doukoku is sleeping out of spite. The two generals try to get him out and he leaves. Shitaru says he thinks Juzo is up to something. We see him in human form in a cave saying he found his opponent. It must be the right place and right time. Chiaki goes out of the game place and walks outside where he meets Jii on a motorbike. He throws a helmet to him and climbs on back. He brings him to a bamboo forest, asking what kind of tree is his symbol. He asks what his power is for.

He says that the power of the Kanji comes from the emotion one draws for it. That the character is all his own resonates within Chiaki as he looks at the trees in the forest. He hands him his shodo phone again. He says he should have taught him the basics, thinking he would be like his lord. He apologizes in his own way. Chiaki bows and apologizes properly that makes Jii blush. Chiaki gets the call about trouble. The Shinkenger are already fighting the foe, who avoids them.

He shoots them down and about to send another blow when Chiaki comes running in, saying he is his opponent. Chiaki transforms, introduces himself and thinks back to what Jii said. He closes his eyes and thinks. The tree blooms in his mind. He forms the Wood Spear and avoids the foe's blasts. He leaps high in the air and attacks the foe with a flurry of leaves. The foe crash lands in an explosion. Yellow and Blue appluad him. The foe is now big and the Origamis go big as well.

The foe attacks from the sky, Red and Blue prepare to form the bird. Pink gives Green the Kabuto disk. They call for the three Origami and teleport inside their cockpits. Daitenkou is then formed. The foe gets smashed into a building while talking. The girls blast the foe with ShinkenOh's arms. DaiTenkou does its finisher and destroys the monster as it soars through the air. Back at home, Jii yells for Chiaki.

Jii has a bunch of things painted on his face. Chiaki says it was snack time and he was asleep and he always says one must be ready for anything and not be sleeping. Jii is still angry that he used the Shodophone for such a prank. Jii slowly runs after Chiaki around the room as the narrator wraps up the story.