The Tiger's Rebellion
Airdate: April 12, 2009

Red and Blue are sparing at the house, Blue says he looses and Red orders to stop saying he lost. They go another round and Chiaki is amazed by Blue's technique, he is really strong but keeps in Red's shadow. Jii says the two aren't even, Blue is more skilled. Jii says training is just traning, Red has shown in battle that he is better. Kotoha is sure they would never fight each other. In the sanzu river, the boss says it seems he owes Juzo for saving Dayu. He has come to tell him that he wants to attack Red.

Doukoku says go ahead, as he doesn't care either way. Juzo thought he needed to tell him as courtesy. Doukoku's revenge is increasing the river. Hitomidama comes in and mocks Juzo as he exits. Hitomidama shows off the Tora Origami. The gang go to the park where Hitomidama is attacking, transform and introduce themselves. Green mocks him. He shows off the Origami and says he picked him up after the battle against Doukoku. The gang wants to break the spell but the foe says it's strong.

He is about to throw the spell on Green but Blue knocks him away. Blue then attacks the others, they try to stop him to no avail. Red fights the ringmaster and uses a resist kanji against his spell. Tora Origami is ordered to blow smoke at Red. Blue un-transforms the three with his attack. Red helps the four escape. Back at the base, the three are injured badly. Jii is sure Blue will attack them, Takeru knows he has to fight him. Back with the Gedoshu, Hitomidama boasts.

Dayu wants Blue to cut his gut open. The foe wants him to do something he wouldn't do naturally, thats the fun of pupperty. He leaves. Shitari says Juzo worries him. Juzo tells himself that Dokuku doesn't know something he knows and he won't tell him. Juzo chnages into a human. At a construction site, Blue and the foe have arrived. Takeru has already gone into the battle, making Chiaki worried. Jii says he will fight with no reserve. Chiaki is understandbly upset. The three leave.

The foe wants Takeru to fight for real or he will have Blue cut his own stomach. The three arrive and Takeru tells him not to interfere, syaing that he will defeat 'him. ' Blue takes out his sword. Takeru morphs and they circle around each other. They fight. The 3 talk about the situation. The 3 are blasted down by the foe. Juzo arrives and doesn't say who he is. He tells the three that Blue is finished because he is just using techniques. That Red uses things in his enviroment, which he demonstrates.

The mysterious man and the three go to higher ground and he shows the three how good Red is. Red then uses a special disk and strikes Blue, taking the spell away. Ryu un-transforms and the three go to him. Juzo leaves. Red used kanji against him. Red admits it was a gamble. The four stand up and transform. Tora Origami is sent out. The others are sent against the foe while Red and Shishi Origami fight Tora Origami. Lion subdues Tora and Red goes inside and breaks the spell.

The disk becomes the Tora disk. The four subdue the foe. The foe attacks them and the four come out of the explosion and attack him, killing him for the first time. He ressurects and becomes giant and fights Tora Origami. It cuts up the ground and causes the foe to fall in. The foe tries to appeal to the tiger since he saved him. ShinkenOh is formed and then Tiger ShinkenOh is made and fights the foe, they break his shield and destroy him. Dissolve to Takeru looking at the new Tiger disk.

In the forest, Ryu doesn't want to be a retainer anymore because he betrayed his lord, the other three are holding him back. Chiaki lets him go and he falls to his knees. Takeru turns around and address him, saying that infusing him with that much Mojikara could have killed him, so they are now even and they are not to speak of it again. Ryu is relieved. The gang continues on and Juzo is watching them.

  • The three Shinkenger aren't told who the mysterious human is.
  • In Episode 7, it was already established Takeru admires Ryunosuke.