The Brides are Spirited Away
Airdate: April 05, 2009

A wedding is occuring in a church between Mako and Takeru, with Ryuu and Jii crying. We made to believe the Ayakashi are rushing in to get them but instead, they capture a bride at another church and take her away with them. Back at their base, the gang are looking a map and think there was a pattern and set up bait. Mako thinks the Gedoushu may have bean a step beyond them. Kotoha is worried about the brides being in the Sanzu river. Jii explains humans can't be in the river.

Jii orders the Kuroko to show them the wedding list. At a temple, Dayu is there collecting the brides, they must be crying and distressed as they are part of silk cacoon that will make a perfect Uchikake (a over-garment for a kimono) for Dayu. Shitake explains this to the boss and says that he spoils Dayuu. He says he spoted the 'stray' in our world. We see this 'stray' and he speaks of a worthy opponent, among the Shinkenger. Back at the base, all the weddings have been canceled except one.

Kotoha is worried about Mako so she wants to be the bride, but Mako says she is too young and she will be okay. Jii and Chiaki fight as Chiaki thinks it will be easy. Takeru suggests it is better to have more than one plan. Dayu orders for more brides. Meanwhile, the bride and groom are taken to safety as Mako and Takeru take over. Mako is taken by the Akayashi like clockwork. In the temple, she is surprised to find Dayu, to be so close to a high Gedoushu.

Dayu recognizes Mako and has her call her friends on her SodoPhone to a fake location or the brides will die. They have gotten the real bride and puts her in the silk. We see the four Shinkenger run to a warehouse and find dynamite in and the warehouse explodes. Dayu throws Mako on the floor. Shishi Origami bashes the baddies and Takeru, Chiaki and Kotoha enter. Mako says she was a decoy. The silk caccon is opened by Ryuu, who was disguised as the bride. Dayu asks who died.

Takeru explains the four made shadow selves to be decoys in the warehouse. The brides run out. Dayu blasts the five as they transform. The five introduce themselves in front of Dayu through the family crest banner. The two factions fight. Blue and Pink fight Dayu in a quarry. They are beaten but Red comes in to help. And then the others join in. Ble and Pink do their combo attack. The five attack Dayu with their cannon and the 'stray' (Juzo) comes in and saves Dayu.

Juzo asks Red if he is the one calling his 'Uramasa. ' Dayu asks Juzo why he saved her. He tells Red he will test his ability. Juzo grabs Dayu and they leap away, but not before calling for the Nanashi. Kabuto ShinkenOh is formed. The Nanashi pin them down. Takeru deforms the formation and Ryuu calls for Kaijiki, which blasts missles at the foes. Kaijiki ShinkenOh is formed and finishes off the rest.

Later, Chiaki says Ryu really seemed like a woman because he is a Kabuki actor. Ryu says it is not good. Mako is sad and Chiaki asks what is the matter. Mako says that an old saying says that if you wear a wedding dress before getting married, then you won't and she wore two! Chiaki reassures her that she wore fake dresses. They go to a cake shop. Takeru thinks back to Juzo and Chiaki snaps him out of it.

  • Nice to have a plot done by the villainess and have no monster of the day.