Marlin Fishing
Airdate: March 29, 2009

The Shinkenger are eating and Jii informs them that the Kajiki Origami has been located, it has been wandering in the ocean. Takeru assigns Ryuunosuke to catch the wild fish with a Secret Disk that says "to Catch" on it. A man is sick and laying on the floor when the Shinkenger find him. The Ayakashi appears and the four transform and they fight. Ryu arrives at the shore, he was carried by Kuroko. He makes a fishing pole out of his kanji writing. A man spots him.

Kajiki comes out but doesn't go for his hook. Meanwhile, the Ayakashi makes Green sick and he de-transforms. Red then fights him while the girls tend to Chiaki. Red and the foe fall off the building to the street and Red gets infected. The girls arrive and they both get infected and un-transform. The foe leaves. Back at the river, the main baddies are happy that the river has increased. It is explained that Yamiororo emits poison from his whole body that makes human suffer.

Ryu has caught everything except for a book of cliches. He keeps trying to fish and collapses and the man sees how much he is suffering. Ryu wakes up in the man's small shack. The man says that someone he used to know used to fight with the Samurai. Ryu asks him when he is and he says he is dead. He says he died when the previous lord died. Ryu gets the call. The four are in 'bed' and being tended too, Hikoma informs Ryuunosuke that only the Kajiki Origami can cure them.

Ryu thanks the man and excuses himself. The man tells him to quit. Ryu says he must fight. Why must the Samurai fight? Ryu just gives him a memorized speech, the man telsl him he can't decide on being a samurai or who his lord is. He tells him if he lives by the textbook, when everything breaks down, you lose everything and no one is there to comfort you. Ryu bows and goes back to his post. His voice echoes in Ryu's mind. Yamiororo is out on the loose.

Takeru wants to fight him, Jii and Ryu try to stop him. Takeru tells him to only about his task, that he chose him specificially because he knew he could do it. Takeru leaves to battle even though he is sick and tumbling, he wants to reduce cassualities. Ryu keeps fishing. Yamiororo sprays on a family and Red blocks it and tries to fight him. Ryu collapses. The man comes to him. Ryu says this is how his parents raised him.

And listening to his lord, everything has been made clear for him. As Red fights the foe, Ryu delivers his speech on how his lord is risking his life to save the world from the Gedoshu. Red is beaten and un-transforms but grips his katana. Ryu assures the stranger that this is his decision and the final battle will not be pointless and he will not feel like this man. The man helps him grip on his fishing pole and he focuses on his Mojikara. Kajiki Origami struggles and then comes out.

It dips right into Ryu's disk and the disk becomes cyan and Ryu proudly shows it to his friend. Takeru continues fighting with the foe. He is brought down but the foe is brought down by Chiaki. The others have arrived. The foe blasts at the four and Dragon Origami blocks the attack. Ryuunosuke arrives and puts the Kajiki Disk on his Water Arrow and giant sparks fall down and cures the Shurikenger.

The Kuroko run by them and they transform and do their roll-call. The foe blasts at them and the Kuroko run off as the Shinkenger run to him and slash at him. A unknown Gedoshu watches this. Ryu does a special attack against the foe. Red transforms his weapon and Blue is touched when he is told to do the cannon attack with him. They use the Kajiki disk and load the other disks and take the foe's first life.

The monster grows big and the Origamis do too as they form ShinkenOh. The foe blows his breathe at them and creates a fog to cloud his ttacks. They need help through the fog and Blue suggests using Kaijiki. Red tells Blue to use the Kaijiki. He calls it forth and enters it and shoots torepedos at the foe and pokes his butt. They then form Kaijiki ShinkenOh, and transform their DaiShinken into Naginata mode. They best the foe. They put the Naginata in its helmet and kill the foe.

The Gedoshu leaves. Ryu returns to the shack and reads a letter from the man. He thanks Ryu. Ryu regrets not knowing his name. Jii talks to the man. The man wants another chance. Jii asks if he will support the sumuari, he promises and tells him that he has good Samurai with him. He puts down his veil and is a Kuroko once again. The new Gedoshu is interested by the Shinkenger and walks in the dark forest.

  • We never learn the man's name but now we know he is Kuroko now.
  • I feel a mutual admiration between Takeru and Ryuunosuke.
  • Kajiki means swordfish or marlin.