The Abusive King
Airdate: March 22, 2009

The gang is sparing and Takeru is mediating. Kotoha accidently injures Chiaki. Jii says Kotoha is not good at anything else but fighting. She gives Chiaki a compress but he runs away. She trips and falls on her own compress. Kotoha cleans up her mess while Mako insults Chiaki. She apologizes and slips once again. Later at the river, the new monster is told not to talk but to go.

Chiaki tells Kotoha to quit apologizing, he says it happened because he lost to her. She says she can't do anything a girl should do, saying Mako is better than her. She is convinced she is an idiot. Chiaki doesn't like this. He leaves. The monster arrives and tells a fat man he is fat and he is thrown away. He tells a skinny man he is a lowly man. , He tells a girl she has too much makeup and so on and so on.

He also causes a car crash. Red fights him and the others arrive. He goes up to green and tells him he is a leftover and he hits a wall. Yellow comes to his aid. He goes up to Blue and says 'father complex,' harming him. He calls Pink an 'old maid for life. ' Yellow knows he is insulting them, Red tells her not to leave her gaurd down. The foe says he tells the truth. He tells Red he is a big liar and he is pushed back. Yellow says all he says is nonesense and tries fighting him. 'Klutz' doesn't work.

Calling her an idiot doesn't work either. She keeps fighting. 'Fool,' and 'slow woman' don't work either. Green wonders why. The foe leaves and Yellow pants. Back at the base, Jii explains that the mental damage becomes physical. The gang is upset. Takeru calmly tells Ryu it can't be helped if the father-son relationship is special if he dreams to be in Kabuki and he's father is in Kabuki. Ryu is touched. Chiaki asks why Kotoha wasn't touched. Kotoha just says she is used to it, since she was little...

She was called those things. She laughs about it, Chiaki tells her not to. Chiaki is pissed off that she laughs at those insults. He thinks it is not being humble, it is being insulting, that she is really an idiot if that is what she thinks. Kotoha apologizes and scuffles out. At a park somewhere, she stands alone. Meanwhile, Dayu has been bashed by what the foe has said. Shitaki tries to calm her down. The foe wonders why Yellow was able to withstand him.

Dayuu wants to fight him but Doukoku stops her, she still wants to until he threatens her. Doukoku tells the Ayakashi to continue his rampage. He gladly leaves. Meanwhile, Chiaki finally finds Kotoha after looking for her. She is playing her flute. He apologizes. She thinks he is right. She says she used do nothing but cry because she was no good. Her sister played her flute for her. But her sister was very sick and her place as a Samurai was giving to her.

Her sister cried for her and that is when she decided not to cry anymore because then her sister would cry even more. She admits not realizing saying she was stupid was really stupid. Chiaki apologizes properly, saying he is the real idiot. She is strong, he decided he would surpass Takeru, but he failed to her, so what does that make him? They share a smile and then are called to danger. Kotoha is sure he will get stronger. He thanks her. At a prep school, all students fall out of the windows.

The five confront the foe, who comfrimed to himself nothing is wrong with his power. They transform and roll-call. The foe tells Blue he has a mother complex and he trips on the ceremonial banners. Pink suggests plugging his mouth. The foe says his business is with Yellow and calls the grunts who the others fight. Yellow fights the monster and his words don't work. "Fill-in for your sister" makes her pause but she continues. Green goes to her aid and attacks the foe.

He holds the monster and she makes stones appear in his mouth with her phone. She does a special attack with her katana. The bazooka is then used to take his first life and ShinkenOh is called to fight his second. His backside attacks them. Monkey splits to avoid an attack. Bear then kicks Monkey towards him, to make him loose his sword. Kabuto is then used & destroys him for good. Yellow ends up fainting in the cockpit.

Green comes to her aid. Later, Chiaki carries her home. Mako figures she is exhausted because the monster's words really did hurt in the end. Takeru says she shut it in unconciosuly. Ryunosuke is ashamed of him being hurt so easily. Takeru says everyone has something. Mako asks Takeru even if liars. Chiaki tells Kotoha she is really stupid and amazing! For that, she is awaken and thanks him.

  • Kotoha's sister seem to be an older teenager by the time of the flashback and Kotoha was just about six or seven, meaning her sister is probably over a decade older than her.