The Kabuto Origami
Airdate: March 15, 2009

Chiaki is happy they have a day off. Ryu has an idea, to go out together to get to know each other. Kotoha wants to go to a Tokyo amusement park. Takeru arrives and is told of the events and ask to go as well. He says he's busy & for them to go without him. He takes out the Kabuto Secret Disc & stares at it. At the park, the guys talk about how Takeru is so disattached from him and how he doesn't laugh.

Kohota suggests that Takeru is training and he indeed is but can't handle the power of the Kabuto. Jii says he needs twice of the 'Mojikara' that he has now. Takeru says he won't give up. Jii brings up that when he was little, he would always ask to go to the amusement park. He brings up how he peed his pants when he took him to the haunted house. Takeru is embarassed and then continues training. A new monster attacks.

The four notice him, they fought him off, all ready transformed. They can't hit him with their weapons. Their attacks don't work. He shoots their weapons off and shoot them down. Red comes up behind him and his attack don't work either. Red avoids his attack and they perform a group attack and do hurt him a bit. The foe swears it is useless. Red thinks of using the Kabuto disc on his sword but flakes on it. Yanasudare leaves because he needs water.

Back at base, Chiaki is mad. They are all bummed. Jii tries cheering them up. Chiaki is not for it. Takeru says they do have power. He tells them they did cause him damage. He shows them the Kabuto disc. Jii explains that most of the Secret Discs have gone missing in previous battles with the Gedoushu. Everyone cheers up. Jii says they need twice the Mojikara, which they get bummed about but Takeru demands it.

Chiaki says he should have used it eariler. Takeru says the Ayakashi ran away before he could use it. He closes the door on them. Mako reveals he hesitated eariler. Takeru questions himself. The foe is watered by Shitari, who also thinks it is hopeless. Dayu makes fun of the foe and he insults her. The boss tells him he is counting on him. At night, Jii sees Takeru push himself to the limit.

He falls down the stairs. Jii thinks to himself that only he can do it. That the disc is the only hope. Takeru picks up the sword again and charges it and is thrown away. Takeru is training alone because he knows the others rely on him. The next day, the monster attacks again, saying the world is useless. He is attacked by Mako's wind, the four confront him and transform. Jii comes to a sleeping and brunt and wounded Takeru. He wonders if he should even wake him. He then wakes him.

Takeru gets up and holds on to the sword to not fall. The others are failing against the foe. Lion attacks the foe. Takeru arrives with all the bells and whistles, then transforms and introduces himself. He calls for his sword and the two square off against each other. Red takes his time, he takes the disc out, Pink worries. He is about to be shot, when he puts the disc on the sword and charges it up with fire.

He is able to hold the fire and then transforms the sword into a bazooka. The gang is encouraged to load their discs. He blasts at the monster, killing off his first life. ShinkenOh is formed and fight the big one. Their swords don't work once again. Red goes outside and puts the Kabuto disc on his katana. The Kabuto Origami appears and Red goes inside and pilots it. He avoids the blasts of the foe and he grabs his leg.

And flips him over. The grunts arrive and prepare to throw arrows at them but the Kabuto blasts at them before the arrows are thrown. Kabuto is made ShinkenOh's helmet. Arrows are thrown and destroyed by the Kabuto's cannons. The grunts are then destroyed. The foe is the last one left and the cannons take care of him. Later, the gang insist Takeru go with them to the park. He just rather go home. Mako knows the truth. Takeru faints in front of Jii. He admits it he was scared.

  • Mako now knows Takeru is not without his doubts.