Nightly Tears of Sympathy
Airdate: March 08, 2009

Chiaki is successfull at making leaves coming through his Kanji. Ryunosuke is bugging everyone to help out. Jii thinks it is kindness. Mako is blunt and tells him that he is annoying and hits him over the head. Namiayashi is swimming in the river, no one likes him because he is a creepy pervert. Shitari summoned him and wants him to make one human to cry enough to be as if 100 humans cried. On the surface, a little human boy sees Namiayashi.

Ryu tries to sympthize with the Kuroko until the bell rings. Namiayashi is talking to the boy. Red strikes the monster and they fight. Blue and Green bring him down and the girls check on the boy. The foe swears they are friends. The boy is sent to run as the 5 fight the foe. The foe disappears. The 5 figure out what the foe meant, Red tells them to split up to find the boy. The boy is part of a baseball team. Ryu and Mako confront the young boy and he swears he knows nothing and races off on his bike.

Mako is sure he is hiding something, so she tells Ryu, they are to watch him. They follow him home and watch him swing a bat. Ryu cries and remembers how he practiced for Kabuki. Mako thinks he is homesick, Ryu swears it is not how it is. Ryu slides down a children's slide saying how patethic he is. He thinks about how he can't break from his dream. How he is not manly. Mako says she can't stand weak men. Ryunousuke asks to be hit and is hugged instead.

That night, Takeru asks what the smoke is... it is Mako cooking in the kitchen, or her lack of cooking. Chiaki explains she is making dinner for Ryu while he looks after the boy. Kotoha reveals that Mako's dream is to be a bride, which freaks the boys out. Mako chops a pumpkin wiht her Shinkenmaru. Takeru says he hopes Ryu doesn't die. Mako returns with the food and stuff. She gives Ryu a muffler not to catch a cold. He is touched by the dinner. The tea is hot but Ryu says the food is good.

Mako reveals that even though her dream is discarded now, she will pick it up again as soon as they defeat the Gedoshu. The next morning, Ryu and Mako wake up under a big pink blanket. Mako is awoken when the boy runs off. They follow him back to where they found him. He throws his bat and baseball stuff in the trash. He climbs the steps and they interupt and he tells them not to. He says he has quit. The foe throw a weapon at them. He hurries the boy up, the boy drops down from the roof.

The two heroes go to his aid, his leg is bleeding. The monster says his promise was a lie. The boy says he told him to give up something important to get something back important.. his grandfather who had died last year. The monster mocks him. The boy remembers when his granddad gave him the protective charm he carries with him. He cries and the monster enjoys the tears. Ryu and Mako are pissed, they then transform. The foe blows them away to a forest and is hit by the other three.

The grunts come out as well and the five fight him as they call their individual weapons. Blue and Pink double-team the monster as he sends them his finisher. They attack him at the same time and take his first life. The foe grows big of course. The Origamis are made big, Dragon and Turtle do an attack together and then ShinkenOh is formed. The foe bites their sword off of them. Blue has an idea and the dragon extends up in the air. Turtle comes off them and hits the foe.

They then finish off the monster. Later, the gang come and watch the boy's game. The poor boy has a foot in cast and has crutches. Takeru then draws 'memory' and it goes in the boy and brings out a spirit-like image of his grandfather. It was actually a memory image. Ryu says he was ashamed of weeping and grabs Mako's hands and says giving up important things are limited to them. She brushes him off and leaves. Chiaki and Kotoha explain that he is fixed now and she likes broken men.

  • Because of promotional images of Ryunosuke and Mako under the same blanket, many American fans thought they were going to be a couple.