An Extermination Skill Contest
Airdate: March 01, 2009

It is early in the morning and Takeru and Ryu are sparing while Mako and Kotoha are sparing against wheat dummies. The Kurukos drag in a sleepy Chiaki. Ryu criticizes him and Takeru makes him realize he has sleeping pants on. Ryu takes down his pants and the girls are shocked. Chiaki laughs and he is hit again by Takeru. He tells him not to let his guard down. He goes to hit Ryu but he avoids it. Takeru says Chiaki's skills are dragging the team down.

Jii assigned Chiaki 500 sheets of characters to do. Chiaki complains and the others practice. Chiaki throws the papers up in the air. In the river, Rokuroneri crawls in the ship. He threatens Dayu and she throws something at him and insults him. He is told not to anger her. Jii gives Takeru what Chiaki left him... a piece of a paper that says '500 sheets. ' Meanwhile, Chiaki is goofing off with his friends, who wonder where he has been, since he didn't go to graduation.

He can't tell them but during lunch, he lets it sip about a 'lord' that is a creep that hits him on the head. So the monster attacks and instead of running like his friends, Chiaki shows off and transforms in front of them. He gets flipped back and the long arm goes through the ground and punches Green. Again and again. Green leaps on the building and gets punched again, down to the floor. His friends come to him and get hurt. Red arrives and gets hit. The others arrive and check on the boys.

Blue makes everyone disappear. The monster is dry and needs to return to the river. Chiaki is criticized while his wounds are being tended. His friends have been hospitalized for 2 to 3 weeks. He knows it is his fault and thinks it is because he is not strong. Takeru explains the reason they must stay where they are so evil doesn't get involved with their personal lives. He is told to beat the monster's technique by tomorrow or he will turn in his ShodoPhone & give up on being a Samurai.

Chiaki runs off. Kotoha goes after him. Jii is concerned. Back at the hospital, Chiaki apologizes to his friends and thinks of what Takeru said. The monster recharges in the river and the river has increased in size. Chiaki plays a video game and Takeru's words continue. Takeru goes out of his house. Chiaki trains and practices outside in the streets. Under the same moon, the two are united in the practice. The next day, grunts attack civilians and the monster rounds them up to be killed.

They are let go when the Shinkenger arrive. The four transform and the foe asks where Green is. Chiaki leaps above them. Kotoha is happy he is back, Chiaki says he will fight on his own and takes off his head bandage, transforms & introduces himself. The grunts are sent against him, he zips by them and the others fight as well. Red trues the thunder and lighting disk. The monster and Green fight, and re-locate. Green outruns the arms, a car gets in the way, but Chiaki outruns the arm and returns.

Red catches up to the fist. Red gets punched back by the other fist. Green leaps above the monster and the foe gets hit by his own arm. The rest of his arm gets tied up by all the running Green did. Green finishes him off. The others arrive. The monster grows and Green thinks he can do it on his own and makes his Origami big. Bear tackles the monster but is pushed back. ShinkenOh is formed even though Chiaki doesn't want to. The foe does his attack again.

ShinkenOh just stands. Takeru mediates, ShinkenOh's eyes darken. The arms pop out and ShinkenOh tackles it. and slices his fists off and they destroy the foe. Later, the gang ask Takeru what will happen to Chiaki. Chiaki bows and calls him lord. He asks if he can fight again. He says he never told anyone to quit. Ryu is proud of Chiaki. They all run off. Chiaki thinks of this and gets up and thinks about how Red really save the day and how he didn't win on his own.

  • Cool Transformations.