The Stylish Combination
Airdate: February 22, 2009

Long ago in Ancient Japan, the narrator tells the quick story of the Shinkenger, who have been around for hundreds of years and have fought the Gedoshus for hundreds of years. From generation to generation, the powers have been passed. Now in our time, the 4 practice the use of their character powers. Bubbles splash Ryu, a rock smashes on his foot from Kotoha & Mako masters wind. Chiaki is not doing great & Hikoma scolds him. He sicks his Bear Origami on him & Dragon stops him.

Ryu reprimands Chiaki, Chiaki doesn't care about the 'lord' business. Takeru tells him that he is fired if he won't take being a Shinkenger seriously. Takeru leaves. At the Sanzu River, the plot of the Gedoshu is to flood the Earth with their river. This happens when something bad happens. They call for Ootsumuji. Back at the base, Chiaki complains about Takeru but Mako reports that the other girl is missing. They go through the city looking for Kotoha. Chiaki eats.

Chiaki criticizes Ryu and Ryu then calls Chiaki's parents irresoponsible. Mako splits them up and talks about her giving up her dreams and hasn't decided on her posiiton. She asks Ryu if he feels the same if he gave up Kabuki. Mako must split Ryunosuke and Chiaki once again. Mako notices Kotoha practicing and the three approach her. Ryu is touched. She explains she has to try her best because her sister is ill and she is here in place of her. She says she feels more at home with fighting than bamboo.

Bamboo making is her family's past time. Ryu is beyond touched. Chiaki feels sorry he rand offers her his meat stick. Mako hugs her. Meanwhile, the monsters attack and the four are told by a gap sensor when they arrive to the base. The five go to the town where the attack is happening, people are being targeted. The lion attacks the monster, the five transform and do their roll-call. During the fight, they transform their katanas. Red notices an explosion and goes after the main monster.

Yellow and the group of grunts come his way and she throws the Land Slicer, getting rid of the grunts and landing towards Red, making an opening for the monster. Red is bashed back unto the building. Yellow goes for him and is in danger of an attack, so she extends her arms out to protect Red. The others come and all four get hit and un-transform. The monster leaves them. Red gets up and tells them he was right about the seriousness of the situation and tells them to leave Kotoha.

That they don't need someone useless like her. Everyone is made at Red. Ryu grabs Red and tells him Kotoha is trying her best. Red says humans can't be rescued by 'trying. ' Mako says they don't need him. Kotoha says he is right. Red fights the monster and reveals he was rescuing a little girl and takes her to safety. The four are touched by this. They transform once again, full of purpose. The four defeat the monster's attack and the five attack at the same time towards the foe.

He explodes and then grows up and the Origamis are made big. Ryu says he heard of the Gattai before from his father, he spearheads a combination but it is just four of them like an oden stick. The monster trips the four Origami down and then Red makes them combine correctly into ShinkenOh. They fight the monster and then more grunts appear from gaps to fight them. They tie up our heroes but Red saves the day and gets free. The grunts are destroyed and then finally is the monster.

Later, Ryu apologizes to Takeru for being rude. He wants forgiveness and wants Chiaki to agree, he says he still doesn't like the Lord stuff. Kotoha apologizes, he says she is strong. Everyone smiles. Ryu sobs and as a token of apology, he takes off his shirt and stands under the waterfall of a fountain. The other four go home.

  • Oden is a Japanese winter dish made of boiled eggs, fish cakes, radish, konnyaku and soy-flavoured dashi broth. These indredients vary.