The Gallant Appearance of the Five Samurai
Airdate: February 15, 2009

A boy plays with a ball and it falls in a gap, a entrance and exit for the Gedoshu, who ambush him. Shi Origami comes and bashes them down. A man in gold takes the boy to safety. Smoke bombs are thrown in front of the grunts and the man in red becomes Shinken Red. Hikoma Kusakabe announces he will defeat him. Red tells his Jii he is talking too much and fights the grunts as the opening theme song plays. Red de-transforms and Jii congrats him as he drinks his tea from the Kuroko.

Jii tells him to gather the team, four who have be raised to be his protectors. He is not for it. He goes off to go home. They are being spied on by an old Gedoshu. He is happy his leader has awoken. A huge ship rises from the ocean. Dayu strums her shamisen. Doukoku enters the room, in a bad mood and is given sake by his minions. His wounds have healed from the Shiba clan. He becomes angry when he finds out the Shinkenger are still alive. The monster of the week comes in and is sent to wreak havock.

Ryunousuke practices his kabuki, his father tells him it will be his last because the time is near and hands him is Origami. Saying that their family has served the Shiba family for years and that his comrades must feel like him. Each of the others are shown in their daily rountine. The Gedoshu attack the city. Takeru is with his Origami, when Jii informs him of a stronger Gedoshu has arrived and he will call the others. He tries to stop him. The real reason Takeru is apprehensive in calling the 4 is...

because he feels he is luring people in battle to eventually die. Jii asks if he forgot what his dead father said. In flashback, the house burned down and his dad was covered in arrows and was given his Origami, told to protect the world and not run away. Ryunousuke performs the play and Jii throws the arrows. One pierces Chiaki's bun. One catches Mako's sight. Another lands on the forehead of Kotoha with a sticky. Jii opens a hatch to reveal four changers.

Ryunosuke runs through the audience to his destiny. Mako is welcomed by a carriage to take her. The other two run. Takeru makes a horse with his Sudo Phone and banners are put up as he leaves. Ryunosuke catches up to the carriage and kneels in front of Mako. He says he didn't know the emperor was a woman. She says she isn't him and is scared of his makeup. Kotoha thinks it is Ryunosuke, as he is taking off his makeup. Chiaki arrives and Ryunosuke thinks it is him. Takeru arrives.

Ryunosuke correctly identifies him. He tells them if they choose to go, there is no turning back. He says not to choose because of loyalty but because of their preperation. They all think. Ryunosuke is first to accept it. Mako says she has been ready since she was a kid. Yellows says she will do their best. Chiaki just wants to hurry it up. They are given the Sudo Phones. The Kuroko circle around them with the banners to change their clothes. Drums are banged.

The Kuroko move banners to reveal the five in proper attire. They all draw the Kanji of their element and transform, being covered in the power of the written word. They do their roll-call and then fight. The grunts are too many and the 5 regroup. Blue wants to protect Red but he says to protect himself and transforms his Shinkenmaru into Daizanto and slices by a ton of minions. The four transform their weapons into their personal weapon and destroy the minions.

Green says he should have trained more seriously as he is having trouble but not until he uses his Wood Spear. Red fights against the monster and beats him up, swinging unto a car. He then swings the car towards him and Red slices it in half. He then pushes the foe back unto a collum and destroys him. His sword returns to normal. He tells them that the monsters have two lives. The monster then rises as a giant just as Red said. Blue shows them his Origami and keeps giving the expostition.

Red interupts him and makes his Origami big and enters it. The others do the same. Shi attacks first. Saru attacks with its fists and swings around. Kame attacks next in a whirlwind and is bashed down. Kuma bashes on the monster and is transformed back into Emblem Form and steps on his foot and his second head's eyes pop out, letting go of Kame. Ryu blows fire on him and Shi finishes him off in a blaze of fire. Afterwards, the gang is untransformed and happy. Chiaki thinks it was easy.

Ryunosuke is in awe of his emperor and knocked down by Hikoma. Jii smothers Takeru, Takeru says he is going home. Jii tells the four to follow them home. Ryunosuke and Kotoha do this proudly. Chaki looks at Mako with a unsure face, Mako like 'do you believe this?' ignores it and has a 'I'm ignoring you, get over it' face. Even though Ryunosuke and Kotoha are closer, they are running toward Takeru and Chaki and Mako are walking calmly even though they are farther.

  • Kuroko are the servants of the Shiba clan, they are much like the real world Kuroko, who are black clothed stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre.