The Switched Lives
Airdate: August 30, 2009

Shitari is pushing off the soots, wondering where Dayu is as she asked for her. Doukoku grabs one and they all disappear. Doukoku wants no excuses and is impatient. Abeknobe arrives but they don't recognize him. He says he has been serving 'another' master, saying soon they will meet. He runs off to the sea. At Genta's cart, Genta asks Chiaki and Kotoha how Takeru's wound is doing. Kotoha says he has some healing to do. Chiaki thanks Genta for the food.

They leave the cart when, a jogger suddenly stops in place and puts his arms up. This catches the attention of the three Shinkenger. Genta suddenly gets hit, full of energy and then folds himself down on the floor. Chiaki and Kotoha go up to him. They hear screaming. A woman gets hit and a purse gets hit by the monster, he has done this to a bunch of humans near a bunch of junk. Yellow and Green attack him. Yellow says the people are frozen. Green asks him what he did.

He strikes them down. He is about to hit Yellow when Pink and Blue arrive and stop him. Red then fights him. He notices Red is wounded and strikes him and blasts at the four. He then injects a cat statue and the energy from Red goes into the statue. Red un-transforms and falls to his feet. The monster is about to slice the cat statue when Green stops him. He tells Green he has good instincts. Blue and Pink fight him and he knocks them out and does a transfer with them. Yellow fights him.

He is out of water and retreats. Kotoha picks up Mako but all she does is look back and forth. Green says Takeru is still frozen. They look at all the people, Chiaki thinks back to what the monster did to Takeru. He picks up the cat statue. Ryuu comes out from the boxes and puts himself in a provocative position that makes Yellow shield her eyes. Back at the house, Jii tries snapping Takeru's body out of it, but Takeru is not inside his body, he is inside the cat statue.

The possessed can hear them but they can't communicate back. Mako is a fan, Genta is sushi, and Ryunosuke... is a statue of a man holding his member, so Chiaki puts him next to the toilet. Ryuu says he is humiliated. A kuroko wraps a modesty napkin over the statue's privates. One of the vitcims is in a soda can and a man picks it and puts it in a bag of recycled cans. Chiaki figures that if the swapped object is destroyed, the person will die. Genta says he is the one in most danger.

Chiaki plans to capture the Ayakashi, Kotoha worries that it is just them. She then gets the courage to do so. Chiaki goes up to Takeru and taps him on the head, saying it is the chance of a lifetime and draws whiskers on him. Jii chases him around. The Ayakashi is in the barge, Shitari says the water is increasing. The foe says his master isn't after something 'small' like that, saying that humans turned into objects are treated as objects by humans. Humans will unknowingly take their lives.

Just then some one takes the possessed bike with other bikes. The possessed can is to be recycled. Doukoku throws the soot out of the window, saying he is looking forward to it. The soot appears in the river and Dayu grabs it and asks if he wants to go with her. She says she has no one to talk to, her Shamisen moans. Kotoha practices while Chiaki talks to her. She asks if they defeat him and what will they do if their souls remain swapped. A Kuroko tells Jii that the Genta Sushi is discoloring.

Jii tells the Kuroko to put the sushi in the fridge. Chiaki tells Kotoha not to overdo it, that she might be stiff, she laughs. She thanks him, saying that she was being stressed out by all the responsibilty of being the only warrior left, she figures he made fun of Takeru to make her laugh. Jii watches Chiaki and Takeru. The alarm bell rings. Kuroko is about to wrap the sushi in plastic wrap when he leaves because of the alarm. Jii hands Chiaki the seal device and they run off. Chiaki has come up with a plan, he asks her if she minds doing it because it is a bit reckless.

She is sure it will succeed. The foe has made more swaps, when the Kuroko and two Shinkenger arrive with their usual fanfare. They transform and do a roll-call. He blasts at them and they bat it away and jump at him. Meanwhile, cans are being crushed, the possessed can screams for help. A cat comes to eat Genta. The foe hits Green and plans to swap him with a mail box. Yellow stops the injection and hits the foe with it. The foe is now in Green's body. Chiaki/monster high-fives Yellow.

He asks how to restore everyone all together. The Ayakashi is mad, pointing the katana at Chiaki's gun, saying he has his body hostage. Chiaki hits him and transfers him into a soccer ball. Kotoha kicks the ball around. Chiaki transfers the foe back into his body. The monster has no choice and strikes his own body's neck, returning the souls to everyone. The cat eats the sushi and Genta returns to his body, still screaming. Ryuu is thrilled to be back. Genta faints.

Chiaki and the Ayakashi have returned back to their bodies. Kotoha thanks the foe, he blasts at her. Chiaki goes Super, while Yellow holds the monster off and Green destroys the foe's first life with a special finisher. The foe grows and KaiDaiShinkenOh is formed. Super Green and Yellow pilot it and fight. They blast him from the back and destroy him with the finisher. Green and Yellow are tired and sit down on the floor, happy it has all worked out. Yellow admits it was pretty reckless.

Back at the house, a Kuroko fans Genta. Jii asks when did Chiaki and Kotoha became such mature members. Mako asks Ryu if he properly washed his hand, he says yes. He says he took a shower. Mako says that she gets it and not to come any closer. Kotoha & Chiaki are laughing over a pic he has on his phone & she asks him to send it to him. Takeru is upset that he took the pic, Kotoha & Chiaki play keeping away. In the Sanzu River, Abeknobe's master comes out of the water laughing.

  • Clips from the movie are shown during the ending credits.