The Very First Super Samurai Combination
Airdate: May 03, 2009

Jii kneals in the main room thinking of his lord. It is still that night as Takeru walks aimlessly and thinks back to his retainers and how thye blindly protect him. A car almost hits him and everything starts going slow for him. Jii thinks of the burden he must feel. Jii stands up and asks for him to return soon. That morning, Kotoha and Ryu eat in the healing room. Chiaki and Mako eat in the main room, Jii talks of flowers and not of Takeru. Chiaki calls him out about Takeru's leaving.

Jii tells them not to worry, that he will be back. Mako and Chiaki look at each other worried. At the Sanzu River, the monster of the day reports that Juzo interfered. Douku is mad. The little yellow creatures come back. Chiaki and Mako talk on the porch. Chiaki is playing the Kuma Origami. Mako asks if he wonders how it is for him, Chiaki just jokes and then Mako screams him out, on how lifes are risked. Turtle Origami is thrown on Bear and chases it. Chiaki faces reality. Ryu and Kotoha listen.

Turtles slams on Bear and Mako picks them up. She tosses Bear back to Chiaki. Jii listens in to how Takeru won't quit. Meanwhile, Takeru finds a boy crying, who won't respond to him. He makes paper with his Sodophone and folds it in a paper plane and throws it in the air. The boy is fascinated. Takeru asks him where he is. A lady teacher comes up to the boy, the boy says he is a 'lost boy. ' Juzo fights off a bunch of Nanashi near the River & Doukoku comes up from the river & fights him.

He kicks him into the river. Doukoku binds him. Nanashi come up at him. He busts free and becomes human, he says that in times like these, it is good he is human and he swims away. The other generals watch. Shitari asks the help of Ushirobuji. Back with Takeru, he shows Hikari how to fly the paper plane. Takeru thinks back to how a paper plane flew in the air at his home. The teacher explains that his father died in a monster attack. Takeru sets to leave, she asks if he is going back.

Takeru looks into the city and remembers when his dad died and gave him the Origami and told him of his mission. He then witnesses a monster attack. The four are ready to go fight. Jii says to the very end, the lord was against bringing them together. And that he used fight on his own. The Nanashi are attacking the school children and Hikari wants the foe to move so he can get his plane. Shishi origami attacks him and Takeru brings Hikari to the teacher and lifts a boulder for the kids.

The teachers and children run off. The Nanashi come after Takeru and he fights them with his Shinkenmaru. The other four arrive and fight the grunts with their katanas. They all say their little speeches. Mako says it is better to have comrades. Chiaki says he wants to surpass Takeru. Kotoha can't come up with a speech but does say that she doesn't want him to die. Takeru closes his eyes. He remembers how his dad did an Origami and told him to be strong. He let the paper plane soar.

Takeru opens his eyes and sees his comrades fight and say their names. The five of them change into robes and transform, and roll-call. They fight off the Nanashi quickly and then fight the foe. Red throws him on a column with his katana. He tells them of his special attack, which they are able to shield against. Red blasts him with the cannon using the Tiger and takes his first life, busting through all the columns. The foe grows and is angry that they forced him into 'this form. '

ShinkenOh is formed. The foe calls for Nanashi that can fly, called Oozora Nanashi. Mako wants to retreat. Green wants to use Daitenku, Blue has a plan to combine both. He wants them to use a Kanji character. He hands to each of them a copy of a comic he made of a character. They call for the three Origami and form Daitenku and it blasts at the foe. They use the kanji Chou and form together Tenkuu ShinkenOh. Red says he admires him (Blue) for the first time.

They fly and fight off the flying grunts. They beat the baddies. The baddies try to flee but they catch up to them and destroy them all. The monster then fights them. They fly up again. They conduct the finisher and destroy the monster. Later, Jii waits for them and is amazed to find Takeru. He congrulates them and tells them that they will celebrate. They all run in happy.

  • Hikari's teacher is played by Yuko Miyamura, Kyoko of Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo-V. She is 33 years old and was 22 when the show aired. Miyamura was diagnosed with Graves' disease in May 2007 after suffering exophthalmos.