Zyuranger figures - Tyranno Ranger, Tricera Ranger, Mammoth Ranger, Tiger Ranger, Armed Tyranno Ranger, Ptera Ranger, and Dragon Ranger. Each figure came with weapons, light up belt buckle, and sold seperately.


Dino Buckler - The Zyuranger's transformation buckle came with lights and sound, handle and five coins.

Dragonranger's Dino Buckler - Golden transformation buckle came with six coins.

Ranger Stick - Zyuranger's main sidearm transforms from gun to sword, came with buckles and simple Dino Buckler.

Legendary Weapons Set 1 - This set came with Ryuugekiken, Tricelance, and Ptera Bow.

Legendary Weapons Set 2 - This set came with Saber Daggers and Mothbreaker, combined with the other three weapons, it could form the Howling Cannon.

Thunder Slinger - Weapon could transform into another mode and merge with the Ranger Stick.

Zyusoken - Dragonranger's dagger that lets him summon Dragon Ceasar, came with light and sound.


Road Saurer 1 - Tyrannoranger's motorcycle.

Side Saurer 2 - MammothRanger's motorcycle with sidecar.

Side Saurer 3 - TriceraRanger's motorcycle with sidecar.


Deluxe Daizyujin - Five mech into one robo.

DX Daizyujin Black and Silver Edition - In black and silver version of the five mech.

Set #1: Deluxe Shugozyu Tyrannosaurus - Deluxe version of Tyrannoranger's mech sold seperately.

Set #2: Deluxe Shugozyu Mammoth and Pteranodon - Deluxe version of Mammoth and Pteranodon, sold seperately.

Set #3: Deluxe Triceratops and SaberTiger - Deluxe version of Triceratops and SaberTiger sold seperately.

DX Dragon Caesar - Dragonrnager's Dragon mech that came with light and sound

King Brachion - Could move with radio control and change into King Tanker.

Deluxe Zyutei Daizyujin - Six mech became one.

Ultimate Daizyujin - Seven mech became one.

Ultimate Daizyujin - Seven mech became one.

Daizyujin - Smaller version of DaiZyujin, the SaberTiger and Triceratops feet came apart and came with sword.

Dragon Ceasar - Smaller version of Dragon Ceasar.

Gouryuujin - Smaller version of Gouryuujin, came with SaberTiger and Triceratops feet that came apart. Also included was a Dragon Ranger figure.


Nendora Machine - Playset with play-doh like containers to mold monsters out of just like Bandora and her goosn.

Plush SaberTiger - Plush version of the SaberTiger.

Plush Mammoth - Plush version of the Mammoth, others were avaliable.
Series:  16: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger