Sentai Hero Series: Magiranger - The five Magiranger with their Magistick sidearms. Each sold seperately.

Sentai Hero Series: Wolzard and MagiMother - Each sold seperately. Wolzard comes with wolsabre.

Sentai Hero Series: Magi Red - Magi Red with Magi Punch gloves.

12" Magiranger - Magi Red, Magi Yellow, and Magi Green are fully poseable and come with their respective weapons.

Sentai Hero Series: Magi Shine - Own your own Magi Shine figure.

Sentai Hero Series: Legend Magiranger and Smoky - Each sold seperately. Each Legend Magiranger come with their MagiDailRods. Smoky is the magic cat genie who lives in a lamp.


MagiPhone - This phone becomes a wand for the main five Magiranger comes with lights and different sounds with the different codes punched in. Comes with five different plates to put in the inside.

MagiStick - The main sidearm of the Magiranger, comes with five different toppers. it can transform from standard MagiStick form into a crossbow, axe, or sword.

MagiPunch - These gloves are wearable by a child, comes with motion sensor sounds.

Jagun Shield and WolSabre - Wolzard's main weapon and shield, sheild can open to reveal eyeball and sword can be placed inside the shield.

Sky Hokis - Each sold seperately. Magi Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Blue come with their own Sky brooms. Fully poseable 5" figures.

Grip Phone - Hikaru's transformation item doubles as a phone and can punch tickets.

MagiLamp - Smokey will give you a number and you'd rub the spinner that number of times. Doing this nine times, you win the game. pull the barrel part of the weapon out, move the handle down, and rub seven times for firing action.

Wolzaphone - This phone becomes a wand with lights and different sounds with the different codes of Wolzard's spells punched in.

MotherPhone - Magi Mother's personal phone becomes a wand with lights and different sounds with the different codes punched in.

MagiShine with Skyarpet Set - Magi Shine poseable figure with Skyarpet to ride.

MagiDialRod - The sidearm of the Legend Magiranger, the dial really works and comes with lights and sounds.

Talking MandoraBoy - Plush toy figure version of the Magiranger's little friend.


MagiKing - Magi Phoenix, Magi Garuda, Magi Taurus, Magi Mermaid, and MagiFairy can become Magi King or Magi Dragon.

Wolkaizer - Special sized Wolzard can combine with Valkiron to create Wolkaizer.

SaintKaizer - Magi Phoenix with gold emblem combines with Unikirion to make SaintKaizer.

Travelion - Magi Shine's Magi Train splits up and combines to make the robo Travelion.

MagiLegend - Motorized Magi Lion combines with Magi Firebird to make the robo MagiLegend.
Series:  29: Mahou Sentai Magiranger