Ninja Sentai Kakuranger



Kakuranger figures - Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Ninjaman. Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.

Hanaranger Sakura Figure - Unknown if any other figures of the Hana no Kunoichi Team was made.


Deluxe Doron Changer - The Kakuranger's transformation item with six coins.

Doron Changer - Smaller box of Kakuranger's transformation item with five coins.

Doron Changer - Simpler version of the Kakuranger's transformation item, with one coin.

Shinobi Scroll - Just like the one in the television program!

Kakuremaru - Came with Kakulaser, belt, and hostler.

Shinobi Knuckle -The Kakuranger's five weapons and Shinobi Knuckle.

Hikarimaru - Sword used to summon Tsubasamaru.

Flaming Shogun Sword - Sword used by the Invincible Shogun.

Kakuranger Ball - Just like on the TV series.


Shark Machines - Each sold seperately. Shark Bleeder came with Ninja Red figure, Shark Launcher came with Ninja Blue and Ninja White figures, and Shark Slider came with Ninja Yellow and Ninja Black figures.

Nekomaru Set - The team's bus came with miniature Kakuranger figures and featureless Shark Bleeder.


Deluxe Invincible Shogun - Five mech into one robo.

Deluxe DaiShogun - five mech became one robo.

Deluxe Tsubasamaru - Could combine with Invincible Shogun or DaiShogun.

Deluxe Ninjaman - Ninjaman changes into Samuraiman.

Juushou Fighters - Each sold seperately, each came with two or three weapons and miniature Kakuranger.

Invincible Shogun - Smaller version of the robo, came with weapons and helmet.

Invincible DaiShogun - Smaller and simpler version of Invicible DaiShogun, metallic too.

Red Saurder - Smaller version of Red Saurder.

Dai Shogun Set - Came with smaller versions of DaiShogun and God Saruder.

Deluxe Ninjaman Silver Version - Ninjaman changes into Samuraiman.
Series:  18: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger